Sunday, May 26, 2013

The aquarium

We took Lea to the Aquarium today.
She loved watching the fish and her little "wow" face on the whole time.

Toward the end of the aquarium I noticed a guy who was taking pictures of Maor and Lea. I couldnt tell if he was doing it on purpose or if Maor kept getting in the way of his shots. It was pretty crowded in some parts and sometimes Maor has a tendency to not pay attention to whats going on around him. I didnt think too much of it.
A few minutes later Maor plowed ahead with Lea and I got stuck pushing the stroller behind a slower group.  The guy stopped me and asked if I had a camera to take pictures of Maor and Lea. I was about to explain that we already took a few picture and I didnt like feeling like I was in peoples way when he whipped out his phone and offered to send me the pictures he took of them.
I did give him my phone number to send them to me, said thank you, and went to go find Maor.

I hate to say it was the weirdest thing but it really was. I wouldnt be surprised if it was a professional photographer or a European but an American guy taking pictures of your husband and kid with his cell phone is weird. I kinda hate myself a little for thinking its creepy when Im sure he was just being thoughtful. Or maybe he just got the phone was going a little nuts taking pictures. They are nice.

Maor also thought it was weird, so maybe thats just the kind of society we live in now.


  1. Great pics. Looks like fun.


  2. But yes - weird that a random dude was snapping pics of your family then asked for YOUR cell phone number. Creepy? Maybe....