Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holiday Greetings!!

Its the Holidays! 

Im getting things ready to send out my holiday cards...cause were all Jewish here now and Thanksgivukkah
 is sneaking up on us.. and I thought, I have left overs, where can I send these?

So if you want a Thanksgivukkah card from our family please email me your address or PO Box.

If you want a Thanksgivukkah card from just me (adult in nature but not bad enough that I cant print the photo to put in the cards at CVS) then please email me your address and make a donation of at least $2 or more to that donate button up in there to your right.

*All donations go towards pictures/postage/fun times in Israel*

I would LOVE to send some over seas so if your not in the US dont think I wouldnt want to send you something.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Time to move

This morning I was sitting at work chit chatting with my coworkers about a duplex we found when Maor called.
He said cool as a cucumber, "Hunny, the neighbor is here. Hes crying. He said someone kidnapped his mother-in-law and is demanding 4 thousand dollars or they are going to kill her. I dont know what do to."
I should have noticed his tone of voice but I flipped out and yelled, "What do you mean you dont know what to do? Tell him to call the police!"
Maor said, "He says they are going to kill her if he calls the police. Ok. I'll deal with it."
And he hung up.
I tried to call him back. No answer.
I sat there for a couple minutes and tried again. No answer.

I looked at my coworker. She said I should go home to make sure everything was ok.
So I ran home. 
No one home. No Maor. No neighbors. No answer to my phone calls.

I waited 10 minutes before I got in my car and headed back to work. I left Maor one final voicemail "YOU BETTER CALL ME RIGHT NOW OR IM CALLING THE POLICE MYSELF!"

2 minutes later he called back. There was a lot of noise in the background. I screamed "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU??!"

He was at the grocery store...which is where the nearest branch of our bank is. He went there with the neighbor who was supposedly on the phone with his mother in laws kidnappers and instead of writing his bank account number he wrote "Call the police."

The neighbor freaked out when the police got there and had to be tackled into a display of toilet paper.

They arrested him for extortion.

Maor didnt call me back because all this was going down and he had to talk to the police. 
I should have known he had it handled. Hes called me when hes stressed out before and hes usually 
yelling. The lack of yelling should have been a big hint. I missed that. 

We need to move.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Israel!

We have been planning on going to Israel for almost two years. Family wants to see Lea.
There hasnt been a day that has gone by in the last year and a half where I havent heard the questions,
"When are you coming to Israel?"
"Dont you want to come to Israel?"
"Why arent you here yet!!??"

My mother in law can stop nagging!! We bought tickets!
We will be flying out Dec 30th and coming back Jan 13th. Which will use ALL of my vacation time for next year in one shot and means I will get to be a bitchy jet lagged bitch at work the day after we get home. My poor co-workers.
We will of course be staying with my in-laws in a small city just outside of Haifa.

The trip is going to be stressful but Im still excited because I LOVE Israel. I love the food, I love my husbands family, I love that while we will be there during the winter a 4 hour drive (with a stop at a petting zoo in the middle of the desert close to the fountain of youth) will get us to a tropical beach paradise where I can go snorkeling and have fancy drinks with tiny umbrellas in them.

This time I really would like to take a side trip to Petra. Its not in the budget but I know we are going to get kicked out at some point so Grandma and Grandpa can have Lea time and Im hoping we can do some border hopping when that happens.

So over the next month, month and a half I might be pushing some videos or pictures.

Also, bonus... the more money I save up for side stuff the more likely we will have special Israel shows! (Cause its easier to do a show in a hotel room than in my husbands childhood bedroom. Its a small apartment and family doesnt knock there.)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Birthday to me!

Im 29.
Honestly, this is the first time Im turning 29.

My birthday was actually on Friday. It also happens to be the other admins birthday. (The one that has been around forever, not the new idiot)
Let me just say that working with someone who has the same birthday as you is AWESOME! Its the perfect excuse to make the whole day a party. The boss bought us pizza, I brought in cupcakes (because they arent for me, they are for my coworker who is going to share), the techs sang happy birthday, someone who quit a few months ago sent us flowers. It was great!

We went down to my parents house for the weekend so the Grandparents could see Lea and I could help my mom chaperone a teenage party. My sister who goes to a private school in a different town than she lives in decided to introduce her two sets of friends finally. It was a successful party. I made all 16 girls sing happy birthday to me before I would share my birthday cake (ok it was really their cake all along but my mom and I tossed my name on it while no one was looking and stuck candles in it. Mom started feeling guilty that she never let me have a big party so that was her way of making up for it)

Saturday afternoon Maor and I went and saw Enders game. Good movie. I have to read the book now though and this will probably be the first time I read the book after seeing the movie. (Thats a lie now that I think about it....I read Three Musketeers long after I saw the film)

We just got home. My aunt stayed at our house this weekend even though we werent here. She cleaned the house for us and got me brand new pots and pans for my birthday! Shes been complaining about how scratched up my frying pan is for months. When we were on our way out the door she asked if I would be insulted if she tossed it out. Maor told her not to but I said "Its my birthday! If she tosses out the old frying pan she can get me a new one and call it a present."
I didnt think she was going to get me a whole set.
She also had dinner made and ready to reheat so we wouldnt have to cook when we got home.
My aunt rocks!

It was quite the fantastic birthday weekend.