Sunday, April 28, 2013


Friday was Maors birthday. We went to Fogo De Chao with friends. Its a fancy restaurant where they have a salad bar that you can go up to whenever you want then when you want meat you flip over a coaster and people literary keep shoving different types and cuts of meat in your face until you flip it back over. It was VERY good but also VERY pricey. We didnt buy any drinks and skipped desert because we were so full of steak and lamb and it was still over $100 for just me and Maor. We all agreed that while it was a nice experience and the meat was AWESOME it would be better to put that money towards a massive BBQ at home next time.

Saturday I really wanted to take Lea to the zoo. Lea wasnt mobile last time it was nice out but you could still tell she loved being out doors. Shes gets the biggest grin when she feels wind in her face. With this being the first nice weekend of the year I really wanted to get the most out of it. Maor asked that we wait to go to the zoo till Sunday because with the nice weather hes getting more jobs but Sunday is usually a slower day. Instead we took Lea down the street to the park. She loves the swing.

She did not like the feeling of sand on her hands. We sat her down in the dirt just to see what she would do and after putting one hand down she looked at us and cried until we picked her back up. The grass is still too wet and muddy to put her in so Im interested to see what her reaction is going to be to that.

Saturday night Maor and I did our show. We usually go for a lot longer but I suddenly felt like it was 100 degrees in the house and just felt really off. I thought it was because of the whole first time experience and its been warming up and we dont have AC but it turns out it was the start of a fever.

So no zoo today. Maor offered to take Lea without me but Im a little selfish and want to be there too when we take her for the first time. He took her back to the park instead and has fabulous juggling the cleaning, Lea, and my sicky whining.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Maor!!

Maors 30th birthday is Friday!!

He wont let me throw him a party. He is what you would call a "party pooper".

Instead Im planning on taking him to Fogo De Chao Friday night. I hear its pricey but you only turn 30 once.

Saturday we are going to take Lea on her first trip to the zoo.

Saturday night Im planning a show and letting Maor pick what he wants to do. That means even the stuff that I wont usually let him do...cause its his birthday.

I think this will be a good weekend :P

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kinda ranty

Maor and I have been doing a lot of shows recently. So you can imagine that with all the shows and our regular sex life, we are having a lot of sex. Tons of it really. Possibly too much sex but Im not a doctor so I couldnt say that for sure.
So when I was late I freaked out a little. Maor suddenly had dreams of a little boy named Moshi and told Lea she might get a little brother like it was a good thing and I freaked out even more.
I did finally start my period again today. 2 weeks late. I have no idea why because nothing in my life has changed except the 1 to 3 more doses of sex in a week. Maor is disappointed and Im overly aggressive and hurty.

So on the day where Im most aggressive a woman at work was reading an article about the Boston bombers wife and suddenly said, "Why doesnt she stop wearing that scarf thing now?"
I said, "Because its part of her religion."
She says, "Yeah but her husbands dead now so she can stop."
*me goes snap*
I ripped her a new one about how even though it is possible she only converted for him its more likely she actually BELIEVES in the religion and wishes to keep practicing the religion. Sane people dont just change religions all willy nilly. When a coworker pointed out that I converted for Maor I said "Yeah but I wouldnt have done it if I didnt stand behind its moral values and overall teachings. If Maor goes on a killing spree Im not going to stop being Jewish because he turned out to be a psycho. Just because there was one bad egg and she happened to be married to it doesnt mean all the eggs are bad and we need to throw them out the god damn window. "
This woman shrugged and said, "Oh her parents will make her stop"

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Thanks again to everyone who watched our show!

Big thanks again to an old friend who bought me the new corset and the crazy mood light bulb!

Also, sorry about the computer dying through the show. Like I said, my laptop battery is actually dead and can only survive about 10 minutes unplugged before it goes kaput. 

I did add a new battery to my wishlist though at the suggestion of friends 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lea has a fever...

and the prescription was not more cowbell.

Actually, shes over the fever now but all of Tue night and most of Wed she was a sick mess. She got 3 shots Tue morning and even though the doctors office swears up and down that its not what gave her the fever I think it was part of it. The other part would be her teeth. She always gets a low fever when her teeth are about to cut through but this was 103 for an extended period of time.  Shes all better now. Shes still not eating much because it hurts but we are making up for it with apple sauce and formula.

Today as Im sure everyone knows, we had...and still have...a snow storm. Its a little ridiculous. While I was shoveling I noticed 2 plants tried to bloom by the walk way. The poor stupid bastards. Hopefully they live. I think they might be tulips.
Im crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow even though Ive only worked 3 days this week it still feels stupidly long. I got almost all the housework I wanted done out of the way yesterday so I really dont have anything to do on a day off. I was thinking of trying to make baklava. Maor thinks this is a bad idea and insists its super hard to do, his mother hasnt even made a successful baklava. I feel I must try now because if I succeed that means he has to name me a better cook than his mother... which may not win me brownie points with her but will make me happy for reasons I cant totally understand.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grandma rubs it in

Grandma and Grandpa came up this weekend. They brought Gigis cupcakes for Leas birthday to make up for my brick of a healthy cake. If you havent had Gigis cupcakes I highly recommend trying them. They are expensive, hard to come by, and you have to get in early to get the cupcakes you want because they only make a certain amount per day so when they are gone they are gone. They bought a dozen and we cut most of them into halves or quarters and tried a little of each. They brought Cola, Italian Creme, Kentucky Bourbon  Candy Crunch, Champagne, Strawberry Short cake, and Birthday Surprise (That was Leas...but we help her eat it because Im a kill joy and was worried she would get a tummy ache)

Lea was much more receptive to the cupcakes. She didnt squish it around and she actually didnt need to be hosed down after but she happily ate a pretty big chunk of it. About a half hour after eating the cupcake she starting side crawling from one end of the room to the other giggling like a crazy baby. It was hilarious.
My parents actually ended up leaving the leftover cupcakes here. There are about 4. I said I was going to take them into work because they are RICH and Im sugared out but Maor insisted he could eat them all tonight. He got through one and a half and looks done.... so I have 2 and a half to bring to work tomorrow.

Grandma and Grandpa got Lea a little peoples Noahs ark set. Her aunt and uncle got the additional animals...because if you dont buy the extra animals you would be condemning them to little people biblical death. They took them all out of the box and lined them up for her...then played with them while Lea ignored them and played with the kitchen set I bought her (she "made tea" for Grandpa). While birthday shopping I considered buying her the Batman and/or Wonder woman set but shes still a bit too young to play play with them. I think in another 2 months she will be into them but right now the little animals to make great teething toys.

They left around lunch time today so Lea and I played for the rest of the day. Its been nasty out side all day with hail and rain so we stayed put and watched Disney movies and read books.

Next weekend I really need to stop being lazy and clean the house. We did the little touch ups before my parents showed up but when I was picking up one of Leas shoes that she had pitched off the changing table I noticed the dust bunnies are making babies under the crib. I dont even want to think of how busy they have been under my bed and behind the couch.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

No snow day for me...

Last year around this time, right before I pushed out Lea, I made a little flower garden. After Lea was born most of them died within a few weeks from lack of watering. It was warm and dry here in MN.

This year its cold, wet, and THUNDERSNOWING!
Yesterday the weather man was predicting 6-12 inches of snow/sleet/rain/ overall nasty shit. One woman I work with is terrified of driving in bad weather. Rumor is her son died in a car crash and she hasnt been right about driving sense...its a good excuse. So even if there are flurries she just doesnt come in. The other admin lives 40 mins away so in bad weather that commute makes it really not worth the money or the risk. She flat out said "If its bad Im also not coming in."
I said, "As long as the daycare is open I'll come in" because I live 10 mins away. I have little to no excuse when it comes to bad weather unless the daycare closes.

So I was the only admin to come into work today. I should have called in quits trying to drive in after I almost got hit 3 times because there really were no lanes so people just drove where ever and one guy spun out in front of me then got tboned by an SUV but I kept chugging along at 15mph and made it in.
I crossed my fingers that the branch manager would just shut the place down but he didnt. He did order a pizza for me, 2 poor new guys who were stuck watching boring training videos all day, and the 2 other managers that braved the drive in. I took an hour long ice cream break (ice cream was left over from someones birthday last week). I also get to leave an hour early tomorrow because while I say I got an hour long break it wasnt really a break...the phones just didnt ring at all so I really had a working lunch/ break.

I also got bored and decided to prank my 2 sissy coworkers. We all have identical desks (those L shaped fake wood ones) so I took out their drawers and switched them around so admin 1 has admin 2's drawers and visa versa. Best part is I know the first thing they will do is scream at one of the managers who usually plays the pranks. They wont believe he didnt do it and bitch at him all day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Lea!

My little Lea is 1 year old today!!

Maor and I were way more excited about this then she was.

I was hoping for a snow day with the expected 6 inches of snow but that didnt go over so I woke her up with the Happy Birthday song....

She did not look enthused and wanted to stay in bed (I expect she also ho
ped for a snow day).

After daycare we opened presents and played. Then we had dinner and cake.
She was annoyed that we wouldnt let her touch the candle and apprehensive about trying the cake.

Eventually she got into it and while the healthy cake I made was a flop the all sugar icing went over well.

I think the cake would have been better if I had made it today instead of last night but I just didnt have the time for that.

After cake we stripped her down in the kitchen and Maor put her in the tub while I scrubbed down her high chair and tossed out the rest of the cake. (really it wasnt good....)

Grandma and Grandpa will be up this weekend to celebrate again. Grandma and Grandpa would not tell me what they got her but I expect it will be noisy.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Game of Thrones show!!

Tomorrow night after the new episode of Game of Thrones I will be doing a sort of after party show on Camwhores 

More wine, more blood, cause thats not allowed.... and of course it will be in costume and on my new HD cam that was given to me by a very special friend.

Short notice but I hope everyone can make it anyway.

Also, oh look... another pic set with this shows outfit.
$20 = 13 photos

Click the donate button and I'll be you saucy wench forever

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unexpected gifts

Last weekend was very relaxed which was fantastic. I've been wanting to do nothing for a very long time.. so I did nothing.
Well, thats not true. I cleaned a little, took Lea toy shopping for her birthday (we got her 3 new books, 3 Disney movies, a xylophone, a play kitchen, and this very ugly blue stuffed dog pillow thing that she saw and went NUTS for she snuggled with it while we went through the whole store.) then we went to the pool, and I played Dishonored. So I guess I didnt do nothing.

Things are starting to pick up at work. Its nice that the days go by faster but it makes my schedule flexibility a little less so. I always have to be in from 8 to 5 but if I ever want to take my lunch a little early or walk away from my computer to take a phone call or leave early/come in late because of whatever reason its no big deal during the winter. Monday I got a call from the daycare that Lea had a temp of 101.8 and I needed to take her home. I left right away and dropped her off with Maor at home then went back to work. I told them that if she was still sick I would be out the next day. No one cared except another admin who suddenly was terrified that if I didnt come in a certain letter that I type up wouldnt make it out as fast as usual and wanted me to consider only doing a half day. I have no idea why she cared so much about the letter getting out (because before I was there it would take 3 days longer) but in the mass panic of phones ringing and month end paperwork flying thats what she chose to freak out about.
I didnt miss the next day. Lea is teething so the temp was probably from that. She was right as rain after some baby pain meds. Shes been a little snot most of the week but I can feel those teeth trying to rip through so Im not going to take it personally.

This week has been a big week for the UPS guy here... last week was also because of all those sexy outfits I got (that Im selling pic sets the next post down). This week he delivered a new cam, tripod for the cam......and a fast food restaurants plastic booster seat. They are not from the same person. The cam and tripod is from an old friend and has horribly fantastic quality. I say horribly because its almost impossible to disguise blemishes and baggy eyes with bad lighting like we cam girls like to do.
Stupidly fantastic quality! I'll have to clean my house more if I use this to skype because my mother in law will be able to see every speck of dust on the floor. :) and o_O

The booster seat came from my aunt, who informed me that it came from a tag sale after a lady with grand kids died. Thank you auntie for thinking of me. If I ever open a restaurant I will have seating for one toddler. This comes from the same aunt that gave me the pole out of someones hip when I was 15 so while Maor was a little surprised I was not. She means well but doesnt quiet hit the mark with most gifts. At least it wasnt another "jew dress".