Saturday, December 29, 2012

You must stay here, forever, and ever, and ever

Maor has been having some shitty luck in Vegas. Part of the reason he decided to come home as soon as possible.

He bought a cheap red eye flight out that was supposed to leave at midnight his time and get in at 5:30am here.

He called me at 1:30 to let me know the flight was delayed.
Then he called at 2:30 and said the flight was canceled because of a security problem.

He got a new flight out later in the afternoon. I hope nothing goes wrong with this flight. Its like Vegas wont let him leave.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Christmas

Leas first Christmas was a lot of fun.

Friday night I drove down to my parents house right after work so Lea would sleep through the 4 hour drive.
I got in at exactly midnight. Leas little eyes popped open right when I pulled up. It took a couple hours to get her to settle down and go back to sleep. She was very excited to see Grandma and Grandpa. My little sister was also having a sleep over so Lea was greeted by 3 teenage girls high on chocolate cake and red bull with mustaches drawn on their faces in eye liner.

Saturday Lea and I chilled at the house with Grandpa. Grandpa was officially the favorite for the weekend. I suspect it had something to do with his dark hair and glasses and her missing Daddy but I didnt tell him that. Lea also discovered a singing hallmark toy that she just LOVED.

Sunday I spent the day visiting friends. I pawned off Leas old baby cloths to a friend who is expecting her first girl in March. I told her to go through the stuff when she had time and whatever she didnt want she could donate.

Christmas eve day we sat around the house, made cookies, and hand a Lord of the Rings marathon. At some point in the day we stopped the movie and I took my little sister out to teach her how to drive (she just got her learners permit on Friday). She did pretty well... though shes terrified to step on the gas and stopping at any speed will give you whiplash.
Christmas eve we followed my parents to church. Leas was determined every day to stay up as late as possible and Monday night was no exception, so we tagged along to 9pm mass because I knew my mom wanted to show her off to her friends and I figured Lea would enjoy the singing anyway.
Lea was VERY good in church. She wiggled around a lot and forced herself to stay awake but she was quiet. There was a baby right behind us crying half way through and Lea shot up and gave the kid a look that said, "Are you trying to get me in trouble??" It was very cute.
We got back to my moms house around 11pm and I finally got Lea to go to sleep. I figured she would sleep in the next day but come 8am she woke up and started wiggling around like a fish at the bottom of a boat with a big smile on her face like she knew what was going on.

Lea got 2 new outfits, a fisher price phone, stack-able rings, and a teddy bear. I got soap and candy (my parents still do my stocking....and in our family Santa doesnt want you to smell funny). I also got a gift card to Target that I plan on using to buy Lea more cloths with. Shes growing like a weed and in another week her jammies are all going to be too small.

I drove back up to Minneapolis Christmas night. I got home around 11:30pm so I was dead tired going into work yesterday but it was worth it.
I think Lea is a little upset that we left. Shes been acting clingier the last couple of days and the daycare says that she hasnt been nearly as perky. They think its because of her teeth coming in but her mood is just fine as long as I stay in the room.

I think she will perk up when Daddy comes home Saturday morning. :)
I bet he cant wait to kiss this little face!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I am determined to have a fantastic weekend.

Tomorrow I need to get up early, put Lea in daycare, go to work, get Lea, feed her and get her all ready for bed, pack up the car, put Lea in the car, and drive 4 and a half hours to my moms house.
I could wait until Saturday morning but Lea hates the car so she will sleep for the first half of the trip and scream for the last half.

Im not going to worry about a damn thing. Im going to visit with friends, eat my parents out of house and home....if they have any food in the house, they usually dont but sometimes there are cookies, and watch my daughter try to pull down the Christmas tree.
Im also going to go sledding because there was just a huge storm so it is prime sledding time!

I cant wait!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Good feeling gone

Today I woke up feeling like today was going to be a great day. Our company had its holiday party so everyone was excited for free food, its a Friday, and I was finally getting my wipers fixed on the car.

I got a pumpkin latte this morning, buzzed through my work so I would have plenty of time to enjoy eating and chit chat, and was wearing a very festive santa hat that said "bah humbug" and blinked provided by another admin. I was in the middle of my giant plate of BBQ chicken when Maor called.

He was beat up and mugged last night and as per his normal he had been carrying a lot of cash (hes just the type of person that prefers to see his money...drives me nuts for obvious reasons).
I went through a very wide range of emotions. I was worried about how badly he was hurt, hes pretty beat up and might go to have his ribs checked out because they hurt the worst but considering they were carrying knives he came out ok. I was panicked over the amount of money they took because it really doesnt help our financial situation. I was pissed over him carrying cash. Then I felt horribly guilty for yelling at him about it because what if him just giving them the money was the only thing that kept him from getting stabbed?
I started feeling dizzy and nauseous from thinking about how hes hurt, his pride seems broken, and even thinking about how close I could have been to losing him just puts me over the edge. So I spent the rest of my lunch picking at my plate trying to act normal because I didnt want to cry at work.

Then someone pulled up the news and we started reading about the school shooting. I dont know why but I instantly worried about I had to run to the bathroom to throw up from stress.
Everyone at work was very deeply effected by the news. There are only 2 people I work with who dont have children. So the mood when from goofy to somber and outrage pretty damn quickly. Everyone went home early except me and one other admin because we needed to stay and man the phones.

I gave Lea extra hugs and kisses and snuggles, to the point where she was getting annoyed with me getting in the way of her playing.

Im so lucky that we are all safe, even if we arent together and we're going through some hard times we are ok.

I feel horrible for the people who cant say that tonight.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Bug

Maor has decided that while hes making money, its not enough to justify being so far away.
He said that he didnt expect to miss us so much.

I didnt expect it to be so hard emotionally. The juggling work, Lea, cleaning, ect is easy. Sleeping alone, not having someone to share my day with, and sending Maor videos of Lea because hes missing so much is the hard part. Lea has also started yelling "Dada" when she wakes up in the middle of the night. I think shes just making sounds and shes stuck on the D sound currently but it breaks my heart anyway.

We cant wait for him to come home.

On a lighter note, Lea is also stuck on mouth farts. So cute but I need to wear a rain jacket.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nothing is included with my rent. Not water, not heat, not garbage, not lawn mowing, raking, or plowing. I dont pay less rent for it either. I found out about 6 months ago that we pay more to rent than people in duplexes owned by someone else 2 houses down.

So it snowed today, a lot. I went out in the afternoon while Lea was taking a nap and shoveled a good 6 inches off my walkway and all down my roughly 20 foot driveway (its longer than that but Im really just counting from the back of the truck to the street). 
It kept snowing after that so after I put Lea to bed I went back out to shovel again. If I didnt have a little snow bank going you wouldnt know I shoveled at all. So Im trucking along in the dark when I look up and notice the driveway of the other side of the duplex is plowed. That side has been empty for 2 months.
The god damn landlord came out here, plowed the empty side, and left! He didnt touch my driveway. He didnt even knock on the door and asked if I needed it done... I know, cause I was home all god damn day! I know he didnt just hire someone to do it either because the walls here are like paper and I heard him walking around in the other side while I was feeding Lea.

Im was so angry I actually started shaking. 
I didnt call the landlord yet because I really need time to calm down. The only thing I can think to say pretty much goes something like "You lazy fucking asshole! I dont care if you said you dont plow, if you go to the trouble of driving all the way out here to plow one side then you should at least offer to do the side with a PAYING TENNANT you dickface!"
I also really wanted to do things like write "Landlord is an asshat" in the snow on that side, or shovel all the snow back into the driveway at least up to the first half...just to fuck with him.
I didnt...but I wanted to.

I'll call him and say something tomorrow...when I can think in more than just swear words.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

White Castle and hearts attacks

With the holidays coming up work has been very boring. Im one of 3 admin. We are the only ones who are always in the office doing paperwork and answering phones. With the phones not ringing and very little paperwork coming in we have been filling the void with food. One tech brought in candied nuts, which started a full day of "Toms nuts are delicious!" and "I cant answer the phone, my mouth is full of Toms nuts!" while giggling like little kids. We are a very mature group. Our boss bought us a box of those little butter Christmas cookies that come in a tin (I LOVE those) and after a sales guy bought us all White Castle coffee mugs (I dont know why) we decided to send one girl on a special trip to White Castle to get us all tiny burgers. I've never had them before and I can honestly say I never want to have them again. They tasted fine but I felt disgusting after I ate a bunch of them.
I really want to make sugar cookies this weekend to bring in but while Im super skinny, the other two are starting to complain about their butts getting bigger. I might make them and bring them in anyway just so I can eat them all... Im sure some of the techs will wonder in and take a few.

Maor saved a life this week. Walking out of work on Monday he saw a guy laying in a parking garage so he called 911 and went with the guy to the hospital to make sure he was ok. The guy had a heart attack. Hes ok now.

Leas new thing is screaming as loud as she can at the highest pitch that she can. Not because there is anything wrong, she just things its super fun. I am slowly going def. The other day the daycare said she got up into another girls face and screamed until the other girl started crying. Today I walked in and Lea had her pacifier in her mouth. I asked if her teeth were bothering her, because thats the only time I ever give her her pacifier. They admitted she was fine but the screaming was getting irritating so they gave her the pacifier to get her to shut up.

I got Christmas Eve off. Weather permitting Im planing on going down to visit my parents for a long weekend. My windshield wipers arent working and I dont think Im going to be able to afford to have them fixed and I REALLY dont want to drive Maors tank of a truck all the way to Wisconsin.  So Im crossing my fingers for all sun.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Show glitch

My show glitched. After 4 or 5 no go starts where people either couldnt hear me or see me I finally got a show going.

I dont think it was actually recorded though so while people saw it live, you probably wont be able to see again.

Thanks to all those that watched. Sorry to anyone that cant see it.

I hope they fix the glitch.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I got bored today and started futsing with Cromes webcam app.

I probably did more picture updates today than I usually do in a month, but its pretty fun.

The snow one has to be my favorite. If you sit still it makes the little dots accumulate on things.