Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rescheduled show

Hey guys. I need to reschedule the show for tonight. Im not sure to when yet. 

We decided a few weeks ago that it was time to get Lea off her pacifier. We cut it down to just for bedtime use but I decided it was time for it to go because if it falls out of her mouth at night she just screams for me until I get up, find it behind her head or under a stuffed animal and stick it back in her mouth.

We decided we were going to try the "its broken" method. So last weekend I poked a hole in it so it didnt work right. She was unfazed. She noticed it wasnt the same but kept biting it. So last night after a glass of wine while Lea wasnt looking I decided enough was enough and there was no good time for this kind of thing anyway....and cut the bulb off so it was good and broken.

Oh the crying. The dramatic pouts of "nunu! nunu! its broken!" 
I found an extra in the diaper bag but I didnt cave. 

She didnt go to sleep until 10pm (normally shes asleep by 8:30) and she was up crying at 6am. 

Maor thinks she will take a good nap and be in bed early because she seems to be just fine running around playing. I dont think so. 
Im expecting a fight during nap time and bed time. Which means Im going to miss my own show.

Also, the lady rain started again. I thought I had a few days. 

So as soon as my weather clears up and Lea is sleeping again I'll reschedule. Sorry guys!