Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art Class

This weekend was a me weekend. It was lovely.

I went to an art class. Pen and ink drawing with some water color....and I sucked at it. Its been forever since I have really drawn anything so I was stupidly rusty but when you think about it why would I waste money on a class where I already knew everything and was awesome?

After the class Maor and I went to Valley Fair for their fright night. It was cold but fun. We havent laughed that hard at each other in a long time. 

Sunday we carved pumpkins, made a cake, and I went to the second half of my class.
The pumpkins came out super cute.
This is my over complicated Labyrinth themed pumpkin.

My pumpkin, Maor & Leas pumpkin, and my aunts pumpkin.

I was much happier with my end results in todays class. I did the same picture for each technique we were practicing and I didnt hate a single one like I did yesterday. 

Just pen and ink

Watercolor then going back over with pen and ink

Pen and ink with water color over it.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh darn..gotta go!

How busy I am at work depends on the weather. This time last year I was still pulling my hair out I was so busy. This year though we went from warm and sunny to freezing and raining with no in between so I went from stupidly busy to nothing to do.

Friday I was finishing up with my daily reports and paperwork when I got a call from the daycare. Every time they call Im always like "Oh hey! Whats up!? Oh wait...this isnt a good thing."
I had checked Leas temp before I brought her to daycare because she was acting a little cruddy. I was sick last week so I was honestly expecting this. Her daycare though is super good about not freaking out for no reason so when they called and said she was at 100 but I HAD to pick her up I was a little concerned. They normally just give her baby Tylenol and see how it goes before they call.
So I sat there for a second on the phone trying to decide if I should ask them to give her medicine and wait it out, call Maor, or just leave.
I looked at my inbox... nothing to do. 
I looked at my coworkers... the other admin was having a freak out over the new admin fucking up something I didnt even know was possible. 
So I said I would be there ASAP. Ran in to my bosses office and told him I had to go. Oh darn! Sick baby.
The admin having the freak out reminded me that I was out of sick time so I yelled to use my vacation time before I ran out the door. Last time I checked I had 4 days left and the only other planned day off I have is the day after Thanksgiving so bill me...or I'll work a couple Saturdays and ask my aunt to babysit. 

Turns out the reason the daycare freaked out over Leas temp was because 5 kids already called in/left with croup so they are on high sick kid alert.
So Lea took it easy while I used my day off to clean the house. I want to rake the leaves SOOO badly but everything is so wet I could break the rake on the weight. 
My aunt came down for the weekend of course. We made an appearance as a family (even Maor) at the 50th anniversary party for an obscure relative. Everyone thought Maor was from France. Maor and Lea could only eat desert because EVERYTHING was pork. I dug in because I knew he wouldnt want to make a scene and yell at me for eating pork in front of strangers. The pulled pork was FANTASTIC!
Im so bad.

Usually on weekend mornings my aunt goes to grab Lea. Shes one of those 5am risers so she will putter around and do my dishes on weekend mornings then grab Lea as soon as she wakes up. I cant even sleep through the slightest peep from Lea so I know when she does this every time but Im not going to lie... Im totally taking advantage of it and go back to sleep for another hour as soon as Im sure Lea has been changed and is playing.
This morning after getting up once an hour to comfort my little sick baby. I heard my aunt grab her and change her but in stead of playing I heard horse crying. So I jumped out of bed and were in the urgent care as soon as it opened. 

She has the beginnings of a lot of things. They said it looked like either an ear infection or strep. They also said the cough could be croupish. So I went home loaded up with 2 prescriptions. I texted my boss and told him I wont be going in tomorrow. He said ok. 

We got Lea back on the couch with snacks and warm apple juice and gave her the first doses of  medicine. Then my aunt and I got to work making an all from scratch pumpkin pie with a pumpkin we bought last week and a batch of pumpkin cookies with a penuche frosting. They both came out great!!

Next weekend I have my painting classes! Im so excited! I need to buy some new water colors and pens because lots of my art stuff got lost in the multiple moves from the years. I also need to pick out a few pictures to bring to class to copy. I think tomorrow Im going to go through pictures and pick out a few I want. I may post them here for opinions if I cant narrow things down.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Post Secret

For YEARS I have been wanting to send a Post Secret but I just never got up the crafty motivation to do it. I felt like if I sent something in it would have to be everything I am in a post card because I dont half ass crafty!

So last night I was messing around on twitter and decided I'll just say my secret on twitter and only my 42 followers will know anything about this and I will feel better. The End!

So I wrote out my little tweet: "No one knows Ive been making amateur porn for 10 years. Some days I want to tell everyone just to see their reactions. "
I really wanted to write, no one my offline life (family/work/most friends) knows but I couldnt fit that in the character limit. Some people do know what I do.... like my husband and friends that knew me back when I was in college and just flat out said "I can afford to live alone because Im a cam girl."
But its been a good 7 years since I have shared that information with anyone. Friends after I graduated dont know, no one I have worked with in the past 7 years knows. Sometimes conversations pop up where I just want to say "Guess what I do in my spare time!"

I dont think it should be something that Im ashamed of. I like it. I really do. I like the people I talk to. I like to show off. I wont lie, I love being spoiled.

But there is a stigma....
Maor would never tell his family about what we do. It adds an extra spice sex life which I know he loves but I think the reason hes ok with it is because the site we do our shows on isnt well known.
My family does have an ex stripper. She was very open about what she did. She even gave me a pep talk before I walked in to my first amateur night at a strip club in WI and made more money in one night than I ever did in a week of waitressing at the time. I didnt like it though. I didnt like the possibility that people could touch me... Im just not a touchy feely person with strangers.
When I was introduced to being a cam girl it was perfect.

Now Ive gotten to that point where you dont talk about these sorts of things because you have an image to uphold. Everyone has their past or their bedroom kinks but you just dont talk about it because what people think about you could effect...something...

So that was my secret.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Corn in my pants!!

Ive been pretty sick...again...
Just a really bad cold. I blame my nurse aunt for hanging around sicky people then coming to visit and sharing spoons and cups with me like we are family or some junk.

Even though I was sick we did use Sunday to take Lea to a corn maze.
We did the maze and they also had a petting zoo, a canary tent, and a corn pit. 

 Lea saying hi to the goats

 Daddy with a pony 

 Lea freaking loves goats

Daddy got Lea a bird

Lea does not want to be any closer to the bird.

We just started the corn maze so we are still optimistic

Kinda lost half way through.

Really freaking lost and getting hungry.

Cute little train set for kids.

Lea on the train.

Corn pit. I buried my feet then made them pop out. Other little kids thought it was the funniest thing and I was suddenly the most popular one there (this was right before I was discovered by other kids...)

After being buried in corn I stood up and discovered a problem...corn in my pants.

Daddy did not get corn in his pants.

...I like corn in my pants..

...and back to goats...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This isnt for you...

I have been very quiet at work this week. VERY quiet.

The new person has now been with us for a month and hasent gotten any better. Shes actually getting worse.
I passed by her while she was entering in a lead the other day and gently asked what she was doing because as far as I knew no one taught her how to do that and its very easy to turn a lead in to a sale which if its not a  real sale will mess with EVERYONES day. She said she was entering the lead because she was hoping she would get partial commission if it was sold. I dont know where she got the idea that that would happen but I had to break her heart and tell her there is no partial commission and even if she sold something herself admins get almost zero commission specifically because the company doesnt want to worry about admins stealing money from sales people and techs. 
When I mentioned it to a coworker she said "Oh yeah, I showed her how to do that really quick 2 weeks ago."
Really? The new woman can remember how to do something you quickly showed her 2 weeks ago but she cant remember where to find a customers tech without putting the customer on hold for 2 minutes and staring at the screen then timidly asking me who to call every time?
At first I was starting to lean towards her not being able to handle the job. After that I dont think she WANTS to get it.

I think she wants a job where someone is going to give her a series of tasks where she doesnt have to think or do much more than make redundant calls. She did great for that week where I made her do all my petty in between work that I find annoying but now that she actually has to think shes just crashing a burning.

I kept noticing in her notes on a customers account she would type in the customers name, account number, address, phone number in the notes....when that is already on the screen for everyone to see... so I finally asked why she did that. She said it was so she could copy and paste it in to emails to the techs. 
I told her "Do you realize that all the time you spent doing that you could have typed it in to the email instead? Not only that but in the morning when the managers go over all these they have to try and figure out where the actual concern is in this mess of redundant information?"
She gave me a look like I shot a puppy.

Not only that but her work is pilling up because she spends 20 minutes on a call that should take 5 minutes!

Not that Im perfect. Yesterday a sales guy asked if I could post his sales on a board because he wasnt going to make it in so I wrote them down on a post it, 250/600/500 and walked up to the board and stared at it for a minute trying to figure out what info went where because I had never even known this board existed for the year and a half Ive been in that office. The uber manager came out of his office and saw me staring at it like I was lost so I said, "How do you want this written out? Hes got 3 sales, 250, 600, and 500"
He said, "Just write the total."
I looked down at my post it and went "uhhhhhh...11... carry the.."
"Its 1350"

Annnnddd I feel better. For now... I would sneak a flask in to work and turn this whole thing in to a drinking game if  I wouldnt end up drunk but 8:30am...and thats kind of against company policy. Drinking on the job at all...not just getting drunk before noon.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I miss my home

I miss Madison.

Ive started making my Halloween costume. While collecting fabric and accessories I mentioned to people my plans to be a video game character only to be greeted with blank stares.

In Madison I took my little sister shopping. We stopped at a makeup counter in a department store so we could get her a new foundation. While a bored clerk decided to just give my sister a full make over for fun I was browsing the lipstick looking for a purple blue I need for my costume. I mentioned why I was looking for it to another woman and I instantly had 3 more women and the clerks interested in my costume and squeeing with me over the hoodie we made for Lea.

I wish we could move back.

Speaking of missing homes. Maor is home sick. We are planning on visiting Israel in January...and I made the stupid mistake of putting off Leas passport application and my passport renewal. I got our applications in last week. Just in time for them to sit on a desk.
Im really worried we wont get our passports in time or our paperwork will just get lost. We are both really looking forward to this trip.

This weekend was very relaxed for the first time in a while. It was rainy and cold so we didnt do much. I cleaned the house. We took down the AC units and put a bunch of summer stuff into storage. We tried to get Lea to finger paint... she didnt like it... so we brought out the crayons instead. We made chili and cookies. I worked on my costume.