Friday, November 30, 2012


I scheduled a solo show on Camwhores for Sunday.
Its mostly to tease Maor but Im sure no one is going to mind.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Someone hates me.

Yesterday I got up, dropped Lea off at daycare...and went back home to bed.
I was dying. Well, not really dying. Just in a very dramatic sick place where it felt like death.

I slept all day. It was glorious. Then I went to pick up Lea, fed her, played with her, put her to bed, and went back to bed!!

It would have been the perfect sick day... if someone up there didnt hate my guts.

Lea is still teething and it seems like its getting more painful by the day. I gave her baby Tylenol before she went to sleep but you can tell it pretty much wore off by 1am because she woke up screaming. I gave her a little more medicine and spent an hour trying to get her to stop fussing and go to sleep. When she did fall asleep I couldnt put her down. Anytime I went to set her down she woke up and the fussing started all over again. So after another hour of rocking and finally finding a position with her on top of me that was comfortable I was right on the edge of sleep...when the fire alarm beeped.
No fire, just that stupid beep it does when its about to die. The beep that is long enough in between beeps that lets you think maybe it was your imagination or it will just stop when, beep!
So I put down Lea, pulled the batteries out of the hallway fire alarm and spent another half hour trying to calm Lea down because she woke up as soon as her butt hit her bed.

I think I fell asleep again around 3. I got a good hour of sleep in before Lea woke up crying again and we started the whole process over again.

At 6:30 I HAD to put her down so I could take a shower. She stayed asleep by some miracle.
I stood in the shower for a while thinking about how the night sucked but a hot shower would make everything better and at least I wasnt feeling nearly as nasty. I just started to relax when, BEEP!

Amazingly Lea was not woken by my scream of anguish.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I think Im getting sick

I had full intentions of sitting down and making a post about my weekend after I put Lea to bed but I suddenly feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Im so tired. Single parenting has been very slowly wearing me down. It doesnt help that I've been entertaining friends and family for the past 4 days so I havent gotten any naps. I was really glad for the company because I have been incredibly lonely and heading towards depressed with Maor gone.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate too much pie. I had fun and got to visit with a few people I havent seen in a very long time because they also did not have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with.

But now Im going to bed.... and Im going to hope that this is my body telling me I need more sleep instead of getting sick.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Not cool

I woke up this morning and went to get my lunch together. I was greeted by a totally warm fridge. It must have been broken all of yesterday without my noticing because the freezer was completely thawed out. I had to toss out a lot of frozen meat.

So I called the landlord and had to verbally step on his neck to get him to come out and have someone look at it. He actually said "well, if they cant fix it for cheap then it might be a week before I can get a new fridge out there."
I told him, "Look, you've got an empty apartment next door with a working fridge. I dont care if you have to switch them around but Im not storing food in a cooler for a week because you wont pay for same day delivery on a new fridge!"

It was fixed by the time I got home but I had to sit though a 10 minute speech about how expensive it was and how I was put at the top of his list over someone with a broken cloths dryer.

I cant wait for our lease to be up. We are NOT staying here another year.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ive got blisters on me fingers!!

I went into a cleaning frenzy today. I think I did it because Im still not use to being alone again. I have to be doing SOMETHING always. With Maor I could sit back and watch a show and relax. Now Im back to constant multi tasking.

I cleaned the bathroom and got the tub all prepared for Lea. Shes growing out of her baby bath so its time to introduce her to the big tub. There are rubber duckies EVERYWHERE because I actually collect rubber ducks. So far her favorite is the one that has googles and swimmies but I havent introduced her to all of the duckies yet.

I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor. When we first moved in I mopped the floor 4 times but still felt like I was pushing around layers of ground in dirt so I finally got down with a scrub brush and a bucket and Cinderellaed that shit.Then I mopped it 3 times. Its a HUGE difference. It really had to be done because Lea likes to follow me around and while I dont want her playing in the kitchen while Im cooking it will be nice to open up the Tupperware drawer and let her go nuts while Im doing the dishes.

Then I took Lea out and parked her in her stroller in the front yard and picked up all the leaves. Im about half way done. Im a little irritated because Im pretty sure the landlord pushed all the leaves from the other side of the duplex into the pile on our side after our neighbor moved out. There were definitely 2 very distinct piles and one was right on the split. I need to go out and finish tomorrow and do a little detail work.
Im pretty sure the guy 2 doors down thinks Im a nut case. While I was filling the bags I was chattering away about anything that jumped into my head because Lea is pretty cool with hanging out as long as you talk to her. I also put the bags over my head and played peekaboo with her. The neighbor saw and gave me the weirdest looks and it just dawned on me that I had Lea parked next to a tree in our yard so he probably didnt see the stroller at all.

Im exhausted.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That did not go well

My first night alone did not go well.

I couldnt sleep because I was stressed out. I tossed and turned in our king sized bed all by myself until at least 1 in the morning. The cat wouldnt even come and sleep with me. I would have pulled Lea in to bed with me but shes so squirmy now that I would be scared that she would roll right off the edge while I was sleeping.

Lea had the opposite problem. Shes cutting another tooth and didnt nap yesterday so she was so tired that she fell asleep in her bouncer at 5:30 and I fought to keep her awake until after I dropped Maor at the airport. So she woke up at 4:30 in the morning ready to play.

I did get her to go back to sleep just in time to take a shower and sneak in a half hour nap before I had to get packed up and go to work.

I looked like death warmed up today. I didnt do much besides shuffle papers today because I was so tired that I figured I would screw up the contracts if I even looked at them.

Coffee was my best friend today.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I would like to think that people think I handle stress really well.
Im fantastic at multitasking, Im very good at separating work and home life, and Im usually pretty calm under pressure. This is why I use to be a fantastic manager. I can usually keep everyone else calm in freak out situations.

My secret is I dont think about it. I dont think "holy shit, thats a problem!" I just deal with it.

2 years ago Maor and I went through a very stressful move and I started puking and dry heaving without warning constantly. We were both pretty worried that there was something seriously wrong with me because I would be fine then have to suddenly run to the bathroom. We thought I was pregnant for about a month before I went back to normal.
Maor only connected the dots after I started getting sick again a couple days ago. Apparently I have a puky reaction to stress. Hes a little worried because obviously, Im going to be here alone taking care of Lea with no support, and he doesnt want anything to happen to me. Which is cute. I'll be fine as soon as I get use to the idea of being alone again.

Work is being pretty supportive. I think they think Im a heartless bitch but they are still supportive. Someone at work asked me if I wanted Maor to go and the only thing I said was, "Its what has to be done." Im not about to get all emotional in the office. Hes my husband, I love him, hes sacrificing a lot to make sure that Lea and I are taken care of and nothing will bring back the 1 to 3 months hes going to miss of Lea growing up which kills me. Hes a great husband and dad, no one can dispute that.

Friday, November 9, 2012


My first show in 4 years, if you havent heard about it is tomorrow on Camwhores

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And endure we shall...

Remember how I said that Maor got pulled over twice in 2 weeks for not having insurance and I yelled at him... a lot?
Well it turns out in MN they revoke your license for driving without insurance.

So we found out today that Maor will lose his license for 90 days which means he cant make money because most of his job as a locksmith is driving from one place to another.

But we are not the type of couple that calls the Waaaaammbulance. We get on that shit and figure out what to do. So Maor got on the phone a got himself a job working for a Vegas.
Yes, the Mall of America is right next door but they said they would give us an answer on if they have openings in a week and a half. Vegas said they have openings now....and honestly Vegas will probably make way more money.

Monday Maor will go to Vegas. Im not happy about the distance but on the up side, hes staying with his cousin who LOVES to work out, so he will probably come back with abs.

Im grasping at happy straws here.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still recovering

Have I mentioned how nice it is to have my house back to myself?
 Im still in the process of cleaning and reorganizing things back to the way I like them. Maors mom must have gotten board one day because my cupboard is all messed up and my dishes are in a weird order. I keep finding things in strange places. The worst one was finding roll of wax paper in the oven. We found it when it started on fire after we went to preheat the oven. That was a lovely surprise.

 Lea finally got her first tooth last week and is working on getting another so shes been very cranky the last couple of days. I forgot to mention that shes started crawling. Not on her hands and knees yet, she kinda army crawls around the room. The cat is not happy about this. She looks very worried whenever Lea gets up on her hands and knees and starts rocking back and forth with this look on her face that says "Im going to do it this time!!" Then she gets back on her stomach and starts inching herself along. Sumomo usually takes the opportunity to get to higher ground then. It wont be long till Sumomo is going have to start running.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Its my birthday and my mother in law left today! YAY!, thats mean.. I actually had a very nice visit with Maors mom. We only butted heads on things like the temperature of the house (She thinks 70 is freezing) and if cuscus is better made on the stove or in the microwave (because you get that authentic Mediterranean taste in the microwave) I will miss her. Shes a very lovely woman. She got along very well with my mother. To my surprise there wasnt much confusion due to the language barrier. Either my parents got use to Maors accent or there is some kind of Grandma mind reading thing. I won some brownie points by giving Maors mom Maors Ipad. He kicked and screamed like a little boy but he seriously doesnt need it....she doesnt either but she wanted it and its WAY more expensive in Israel so I told her to take it. His laptop is dying but I figured if it breaks we could share or wait till black Friday and buy him a new one on sale. Halloween with Maors mom was cute. We didnt dress Lea up because we decided shes just too little to go out and we ended up not going to that family party (no one felt like it). We had a few cute kids that Maors mom asked if she could take pictures of while Maor handed them candy. I had one boy that dressed as the catalog paper boy and I honestly couldnt tell if he was working or just had a good costume idea because he gave me a paper to keep. I gave him a ton of candy anyway. One down side, at 9pm we had a kid knock on the door (after our lights were out) and I opened the door to a 12 yr old kid not in costume, talking on his cell phone. I told him to get the hell off my porch. So this morning Maors mom had to leave. We all woke up early. Grandma got Lea out of bed... and took her to the airport. It was a sad goodbye. I was a little late for work but people understood. Also its my birthday so they totally spoiled me and my coworker who has the same birthday...and her name is ridiculously close to my real name. A friend of my coworkers brought in flowers and donuts for her so she shared. The managers bought us lunch. When we thought we were all stuffed and couldnt eat for a week another co worker came in with ice cream cake. I could work at this place forever purely because they feed me. Im stupidly easy to please. When I got home Maor made me a cosmo and gave me some sexy undies. I knew he got them for me weeks ago but this is the first time hes ever held back and given me a birthday present ON my birthday. He cant keep surprises in and will hand you unwrapped gifts as soon as he sees you because hes so damn excited. I saw the bag in his truck but told him he better be good this time and wait until my birthday to give them to me. Im very happy that he did. Now if someone would just make me a pizza this would be the best birthday ever!! Also, Im sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring emails... I will finally be able to catch up with everything this weekend.