Monday, June 3, 2013


Ive been horribly moody lately. I dont know why.

I would like to blame it on the weather being nothing but rain and clouds lately but Im not sure thats it.

It could be because I havent done yoga in a month. I havent gone back to the gym since my purse was stolen. They offered me 2 months free as an apology but Im just turned off by someone taking advantage of my own stupidity.
My mom insists that I should go back because I need that me time. I was thinking I could get the me time back by just doing some at home videos after Lea went to bed but so far even though I was great at going to a gym at a certain time every week I cant stay at home and just designate yoga time and stick to it.
This is also why I know I could never have a work from home job.

On a happier topic... here is a picture of a monkey watching Lea.

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  1. Moody eh? I am not sure why it is happening to you, but when it happens to me it is usually a tie period nestled in between things that are fun or exciting with nothing really exciting ont he short term horizon. Combine that with the recent theft and you have a pretty good recipe for the "pitiful me's." My son's $450 bike was stolen, the a/c went out on the wife's car and the guy that feeds me 75% of my work got fired. I recently went through some pitiful times. A good friend who has faced hard times in the past told me I needed tomake out a "gratitude list" writing down the things I was thankful for. All he had to do is suggest it and I felt better. Didn't solve one single problem, but I felt better about things. Good luck.