Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sick of rain

Maor doesnt usually call at night when hes working. I know he will be home when people stop locking themselves out of things and he knows Im probably sleeping.
Last night when he called a little before midnight I fumbled for my phone fearing the worst.....because when you wake up you dont think "Well if it was him dead in a car crash the police would be calling, not him."
His friend and co-worker was having really bad chest pains and wanted to know if he should go to the doctor and where to go. His friend doesnt have insurance so they were hoping I knew somewhere less expensive to go. I dont. I know of cheap non emergency womens clinics from when I was a poor teenager but I dont know any kind of emergency places for people to go in the middle of the night.
I was no help so Maor took him to the ER. His friend had a mini heart attack from stress. Poor guy. He will be ok but he needs to relax for a bit so Maor is taking ALL the jobs. The extra money will be nice but now I have to worry about Maor having a heart attack from stress too. At least we are insured.

Im getting sick of rain. The one weekend it was nice I was sick and its been either rainy or too cold out every weekend since. Lea does not understand that rain means no playing outside and got very annoyed with me when I told her we were staying in after she waved bye bye to her toys, pointed at the door, and handed me my shoes.
I ended up taking her to a mall I use to work at a couple years ago. Its was the nations first indoor mall. When I worked there it was very outdated and sad but they have recently put a lot of money into it so now it looks great and has a few designer stores but its still VERY dead. The Mall of America is a 10 minute drive away and there is also a Galleria next door that has more stores and swankier stores (they have a Tiffanys. Sometimes I go there just to stand at the window and drool). Sad for  businesses, great for when you need to take your kid somewhere to play on a weekend when they cant go outside (also great for holiday shopping because even when its busy its not really busy). The play area for kids is very new, clean, and because of how slow the mall is there are very few children running around so I dont need to worry about Lea getting trampled on by a bunch of kids strung out on sugar who are probably too big to be in the play place to begin with.
Lea likes to sit in cars and watch the other kids.

After the play place I took her to the book store and got her 3 new books. Shes such a good little bug I just have to spoil her sometimes.

Tomorrow its supposed to rain again...and the day after that. I was thinking of taking Lea to the aquarium but I know thats something where Maor would like to be there too and I dont think hes going to be able to get even a couple hours off this weekend.
Im crossing my fingers the weather man is wrong and tomorrow will be sunny.

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