Thursday, May 2, 2013

In all fairness everyone's a little crazy this week.

Sorry for the earlier freak out. Sometimes you just have to let your ranting lose in a jar so the people who see you every day dont look at you like you have lost your marbles. Im ok. Really....

Ive been sick all week. I called in to work Monday and slept most of the day. It would have been fantastic if I wasnt sick. I feel mostly better. My throat is all messed up. I sound horrible. Laughing comes out as a wheezing death rattle. I cant taste anything which was very sad seeing as our manager treated us to a fantastic lunch at Erberts and Gerberts. The chili there will put hair on your chest.

We have had some insane calls come in this week. My favorites where a lady who wanted us to remove a dead hamster from behind her stove, a man who wanted us to fumigate for dust mites, an old woman who was just blown away that we cant prevent birds from landing in her yard, AND a lady that was trying to get me give her x ray results and wouldnt believe me when I told her she had the wrong company.

Maor has been busy this week. Ive barely seen him. Poor Lea latched on to him as soon as he got home refused to be farther than a few inches from him until she went to bed.
He has also had an interesting week with people. One person couldnt afford to get their house open so they traded him a gun for services. Its just an air rifle...I think its like a bb gun or even less lethal than that. He wants to keep it. I dont know why. His friend even got one too and they looked into what they can kill with it and what kind of licences they need. His friend has a thing for taxidermy and wants to get as many taxidermy items as he can to ship back to Israel because you cant get them there (he already has a moose head. Hes currently trying to talk down a guy with a tiger). All I can picture is his poor wife sitting in a house full of little stuffed squirrel trophies.
Im going to get dizzy from eye rolling come fall.

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