Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Im really not that interesting..

My mom and my aunt (the one that wants to buy the house with us) have been on vacation in Spain for a couple weeks. While my mom has been sending us email updates my aunt has said nothing the whole trip. I knew they were home when I suddenly got an email saying "What this about a house?"
I assumed she was asking about how the house hunting was going to I updated her on how I just put in our mortgage approval paperwork and am meeting with a banker about what payments would be like to narrow down our budget and yadda yadda yadda. She emailed me back saying "Whats going on with the house Gramzy is talking about? When in October are you going to Israel? I wanted to come out for your birthday!"

Apparently, while we were up visiting Maor sat down with my Grandma and showed her a couple houses online. She saw one she liked and got it in her head that we were going to buy it. Maor also got his months confused when he was telling her about our plans to take Lea out to Israel and said October instead of December (he does the same thing with days of the week. Tue is Thurs.) This messes with my aunt because she always comes out around my birthday to visit the family. Its not actually for my birthday anymore its just easier to schedule visits that way because its been happening for so long everyone expects it.
*shakes head*

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  1. mass confusion...months AND days of the week? freaky.