Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day weekend

I didnt mention that I was leaving town over the weekend because you never know how far google can go for someone running around with all your personal details. I've had nightmares about someone breaking into the house and standing in Leas bedroom. It has motivated me to do even more to make sure they are caught.  I found out that there are transactions on my card that never went through because they were flagged as suspicious as soon as they card ran. 3 tries were at a casino. So I filed more police reports and made more calls.

I went to my parents house to visit my Grandmother. Shes staying at my parents for most of the month to help while my mom is away in Spain sight seeing for her 50th birthday present.

We had a pleasant weekend. It was nice out but VERY windy. Lea got lots of practice balancing trying to stand up to the wind. She can walk by herself but prefers to hang on to something. You can tell when you walk with her that she doesnt really need you at all. I almost got her to let go of her walker for a piece of pie. She eyed it and walked out as far as she could while still having one hand on her walker then eyed us for a bit until she resorted to crying. I couldnt give too much pie...because her aunt who was holding the pie ate most of it while waiting for Lea to get some courage.

Mothers day was a bit of a let down. Maor does not seem to get the concept of Mothers day...or at least he says he doesnt. Last year he didnt do anything for me and this year he also didnt do anything. This year was kinda worse because I explained why it was important and that I did expect at least a card and reminded him twice the day before because he sucks with dates....and he still didnt do anything.
On our way home after I yelled at him for it he bought me a card at the gas station.... I threw it on the floor and refuse to open it.

There might be a lot of solo shows for a while.

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  1. I feel the pain experienced by both of you. For years I refused to honor the "Hallmark Holidays" and ranted that they are fake and created by Jews to take Gentile money for cards, candy, etc. Valentine's Day, Father's Day and Mother's Day are the big 3 BS holidays in my book. I explained to my wife that I love her every day and appreciate her every day and that I don't need some dude to tell me to buy her flowers or cards or candy. I also expect no fuss on Father's Day. As my kids have gotten older (13 and 10) I relented and have bought her stuff (that she needs) on Mother's Day. I recognize the sacrifice she made in carrying them and delivering them as well as the stuff she does around the house. I basically caved. I remember your agony last year and had forgotten about it until reading this post. He loves you and is a good dad from what I can tell. That is what is most important, but he will learn to do things your way. Good luck!