Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Long day

Last night after discovering my car window smashed and my purse gone I spent a good 4 hours on the phone with credit card companies, target, and the police.

I suspect that they saw the target debit card in my purse and immediately ran to the Target in the next town over to spend the shit out of my money. The target debit card wouldnt work for them because they didnt have my pin number so Im sure they just grabbed the next card down and swiped it as credit. So they got 2 transactions totaling about $400 out of my checking account before I got everything closed.

I have two cases open with two cities. The city I was robbed in and the city they spent the money in. I dont have high hopes either case will go anywhere.

I tossed and turned until the wee hours of the morning kicking myself for being so stupid. When I woke up and went to take a shower I was greeted by zero water pressure because I obviously murdered kittens in a past life. I didnt have time to figure out what was wrong or wait for the tub to fill up so I just kinda splashed some water on my head and called it done.

Maor drove me in my car to drop of Lea and take me to work. One of 3 checks that were floating out there waiting to be cashed was from the daycare. They saw my ghetto fabulous garbage bag covered window, dug out my uncashed check, and told me to get them the money after I got everything straight. That was really nice of them. The other 3 companies I had to call were also very understanding.

Before my lunch break Maor managed to find a place that had used windows that fixed it for a total of $100. That is a huge relief. I also got all my letters typed up to my bank disputing the charges and the officer in the town where my card was used showing that it was my card and account and no, I dont shop there...I was talking to another officer in another city about the card being stolen at that time.

My only problem was the DMV. After Maor and I traded cars I remembered I dont have cash and I dont have checks. Maor filled up the car for me so I wouldnt have to worry and went back to working. So I banged my head on my desk and mumbled to myself about how I cant get my money out of my bank account without an ID and I cant get an ID without money...stupid stupid stupid stupid...thunk thunk thunk. A coworker handed me $20 and told me to pay her back when I could. With that I was able to get the piece of paper saying they were sending me my ID which was enough to get into my bank account to pull out the money to pay her back....and buy me a bottle of wine because I deserved a drink.

So after putting Lea to bed, and fixing the shower head (turns out there was some stupid plastic thing in it... probably to make the water pressure lower...bah!...threw that shit out), Im typing up this post with a glass of wine in hand and patrolling Craigslist for my nook. I dont think the cops will be able to do anything with video footage but I might still be able to punch someone in the nose.


  1. I am sorry about the hassle you had, BUT, thankful you didn't get mugged to grab your purse. Friday will be a PayPal day, I


  2. Happy Mother's Day Mrs Levi...I am Leas has already said that to you a hundred different ways !!!