Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In case of baby

Today I wrote the schedule for the next 3 weeks. All schedules had backup schedules which assume that I've gone into the hospital.

Do you have any idea how freaky that is? Its one thing to think, "Ive got a few weeks left." Its another thing to start preparing to go to the hospital at any moment so that your employees dont freak the fuck out. 
Ive let everyone know to keep an open mind to both schedules because I could be calling them at 2am screaming "GO TO SCHEDULE B!" (That is the way I described it to them...because who knows if Im going to be calm enough to simply explain that Im about to shit a screaming watermellon and will not be able to open the next day. I like to make sure they are prepared.)

I have to go to the doctor once a week now. Yesterday they did a group b test. Next week I get yet another ultra sound....I think they are using me to meet some sort of quota at this point. 
I found out that I have developed sleep apnea. Maor was with me for this doctors appointment and asked if it was normal for me to be making "herrp" sounds in my sleep. I wish he would have mentioned it sooner. They cant do anything about it except hope it will go away on its own but it explains why I feel so damn tired all the time. 

Fun non baby related fact: 
Maor and I have been thinking about saving up to open a restaurant and call it "Holy Crape 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I didnt ask for a creeper with my coffee.

There is a Starbucks down the road from me. In the year I have lived in the area I have gotten my coffee and sat down to read there maybe 4 times.

So today I got my coffee, sat down in a chair in the corner, and read a bit (Im currently reading the first Game of Thrones book... Im 200 pages away from being done and I REFUSE to watch the series until I finish it). 
Halfway through my coffee I hear someone talking in my general direction. I didnt bother looking up because I assumed the person wasnt actually talking to me. The guy talking bent down right in my fucking face and said, "That must be your favorite spot! I see you there all the time."
I looked up at him and gave him a look like, "What the fuck do you want from me?" hoping that maybe if I didnt say anything he would just go away. He didnt. He kept staring at me and telling me about how he goes there all the time and never notices anyone else but me so this must be my favorite spot.

I finally gave in and said, "Its a place to sit." Then scotched myself down into the chair and went back to my Nook. 

I think he tried to keep up the conversation but I ignored him. He really creeped me out. Its one thing to strike up casual conversation... its another to get in a persons face tell them your the only one they notice. 

It sucks because I enjoy occasionally sitting in a coffee shop and chilling out and the area I live in is seriously lacking in comfy coffee shops but I dont think I'll be going back there for a good long time now. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Anger and pain

Somewhere around October I had decided that between me and Maor, one of us has to get a normal 9 to 5 job or this baby thing is not going to work. I will be the one getting the 9 to 5 because Maor makes a lot more money for the most part. I put off putting my resume out there again because my job has a lot of openings lately and I didnt want them to find me and figure out that Im not planning on coming back after my maternity leave.
Sunday I put up my resume.
Monday I had a conversation with my boss (actually it was a screaming match where she crossed the line and used me as a verbal punching bag and I didnt stand for it) which made me very happy that Im one step ahead of them. Basically our area hasnt been doing well lately. I didnt make my month last month but I sure as hell wasnt the worst. My boss apparently thought it would be really motivating to insult me, threaten to write me up, then take it all back while still being a huge bitch. Now I am damn determined not to come back. It could be my hormones but Im still down right pissed off 5 days later.

So I've been applying to a lot of places and trying to think of realistic at home money making ideas to maybe keep myself out of an office and save us a shit ton of money on daycare. The at home ideas I've been throwing around are making Maor super excited....but thats because hes taking everything Im thinking of and blowing it up into something huge and technical that we need to invest in and open a store for.

Now that Im mentally checked out from work Im totally hoping the baby is early. I've been having a lot of fake contractions lately which isnt horribly painful but its not exactly comfortable. Every time one hits Im hoping we are getting the show on the road! I really shouldnt be thinking that way for at least another 2 weeks but honestly... you can only kick a person so much before they want to evict your ass.