Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The masturbation fixation

Ive been having a bad/ busy couple of weeks. Now that I have run out of phone calls to make I have time to catch up on my tv shows and books and relax.

I ended up putting Lea to bed early tonight because she was super tired. I wanted a glass of wine to go with my TV shows but we dont have any in the house. Its been a while since Ive had any alone time. My last show was the last time I had fun with myself.

So I went to my room, picked out a toy and spent a good half hour to myself. I dont think guys really know how great it is to be a girl. If you hit the right spot you can have an orgasm is a second so you can imagine I had a lot of them. I had so many that it kinda started to hurt.

I feel much better. I still want that glass of wine though. Someone send one over, Im currently in a state of mush and cant go anywhere. Well,  I cant go anywhere anyway.


  1. Thoughts of Immora in a state of "mush." Me likey!


  2. I would enjoyed PayPaling to watch that 30 min mush session...seriously!!!