Sunday, July 28, 2013

Stomach bug

I woke up Friday morning with a nasty upset stomach. I didnt think too much of it because I had been dumb enough to brave grocery store sushi the day before so I assumed it was my punishment and pushed on to work.
Slowly through the day it progressed to my whole body aching and hot and cold flashes. I toughed it out and felt guilty that I didnt really do anything at all for the last two hours of work because I just had zero energy. I didnt ask to leave early because we were already down a person who was on vacation and leaving someone alone during the summer, even if it is a Friday, is just mean.

I did call Maor before I got off and asked if he could take the rest of the day off until Lea went to bed because I just didnt think I could make it.

I didnt. My fever went up to 103 before I stopped checking and when I tried to eat because I knew I should it fought against me and won.

Saturday my fever was gone but eating still wasnt an option and any movement was exhausting. I was no fun at all and slept most of the day.

So Sunday when I woke up with my energy back to normal and held down a couple pancakes I decided to make up my very unfun first half of the weekend and took Lea to the zoo before it got too busy. Its a sunny 70 today. Perfect weather.
With less people around she got to walk around as much as she liked and was so tired by the time we left that she was asleep before I even pulled out of the parking lot...and she still hasnt woken up a couple hours later.

Monday, July 22, 2013

New tattoos

Im meeting a friend this Sunday to talk about covering up one of my tattoos.
She is a fantastic artist and just starting as a tattoo artist so Im really excited to sit down with her and do some sketches. I dont know what I want but Im really open to ideas. While I wouldnt normally trust a new tattoo artist I have seen both her paintings and skin work and love them both.

Im sitting down with her to discuss covering my dragon. Its faded and sad now after 10 years and while I love having a dragon I would love even more to upgrade it. I would like to keep a dragon quality to it. My little sister (who is now 16) has been reminding me of how I told her about my tattoo lately.
When I came home with it, one day after I turned 18, she saw it and asked how it got there. I told her I was walking down the street and a baby dragon ran into me and got stuck. She believed me for a few years.
I forgot about that lie until about a month ago when she saw it again and reminded me.

Im also going to talk to my friend about the tattoo I want with Leas name (in Hebrew so it will only be an obvious name tattoo in Israel.)

Im hoping to get a last minute brain storm on what I want but so far its going to be two artists (one painfully better than the other) sitting down for coffee and trying to figure out how to make my back look better.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I need friends...

We have been living in MN for close to 3 years now and I hate it.

Mostly I hate it because I dont have any friends. I have 3 friends that I get together with once every six months because they live 45 mins away and also have busy lives. I love when we get together but finding a time to hang out is a pain in the butt.

I stopped complaining about not having friends but Maor knows Im still kinda lonely sometimes. So today out of the blue while we were taking Lea for a walk he suggested I try finding a group or something online.

So I did... kind of. I joined Meetup. I picked a book club that looked interesting. Im going to see if I can find a mom group. I dont really like how most groups make you make a donation to them. I dont know what the donation is for. Do they hand out tshirts? Do you get a special mug?

Its a step in a direction.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I feel...

I feel like I should make a blog post but nothing too eventful happened this weekend. It was kind of nice.

We played with Lea. We took her to the park during the 20 minutes of sun that happened on Saturday. We watched some idiot teenagers swim in a flooded baseball field. Im pretty sure that isnt good for you but Im not their parents.

Maor took Lea on a daddy daughter day today. He bought her a stuffed Snow White at the Disney store and got me a very pretty Swarovski necklace. We were supposed to go out to dinner but someone decided that Maor had enough of a day off and started pushing a bunch of jobs on him. Its restaurant week again in Minneapolis which means that we do our thing of picking a fancy new place to try out because its a hell of a lot cheaper now then it usually is.
We have the whole rest of the week to go out. I cant decide where we should go this time anyway.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Earlier tonight I took my little sister to Neil Gaimans book reading and signing.

I was planning on us leaving a little before 4pm because the fliers handed out with the wrist bands asked that people please not start lining up until then. My mother pointed out that people could sit in the parking lot and wait to line we were sitting in the parking lot at 3pm with a few other crazies.

I taught my little sister to play back gammon while we waited in line. In my excitement I actually forgot the rules of back gammon so we really played a back gammon Parcheesi hybrid game... my mother corrected the rules I taught her when we got home.

I didnt think I would geek out so badly. I dont think I have ever met anyone famous let alone someone who's writing I love so much. The reading was fabulous. The Q&A was hilarious. It was hands down the best hour and a half I have ever sat in line for. 

Because we got there so early we were sitting in the front row for the reading so we were some of the first that got our books signed. I didnt want to hold up the line so my sister and I decided we would just take pictures of each other getting our items signed. She had 2 books. I had my book and a toy TARDIS (because my favorite Doctor Who episode happens to be The Doctors Wife). My sister refused to have her book signed first because she was so nervous so I handed her my phone, saw my stuff get pushed over, and was face to face with Neil Gaiman. He commented on the TARDIS and I think I yelled "IM A HUGE FAN!  THE DOCTORS WIFE WAS MY FAVORITE DOCTOR WHO EPISODE!" I honestly dont know if he said anything or if I said anything after but I did remember to look up at my sister...who was holding my phone and reminded her to take a picture. When I looked down he handed me my TARDIS and I looked at it and squeeked "Thank you so much!!" and then I dont remember if he said anything. I just remember trying to remember that I couldnt just go running out of the theater screaming like an idiot. 
I took my phone from my sister and started snapping pictures of her getting her books signed. I was shaking so I took a lot of pictures and I think I might have even been talking to myself out loud reminding myself to be cool and take a deep breath.

He shook my sisters hand and she grabbed her books and all hell broke loose. We "HOLY CRAP! OH MY GOD! SQUUEEEE!" all the way up the stairs, out of the building, in to the parking lot, down the road, and back to my house. 

Hind sight I cant believe I acted like that. How lame must we have looked? But holy crap how great was that!? He signed my TARDIS! Im pretty sure we made eye contact! My sister totally forgot that she even had a voice and didnt say a damn thing but she shook his hand! 

But really I didnt expect to react that way. I didnt know I could even get crazy star struck. I didnt even know I was star struck until he was RIGHT THERE then my brain just went mushy.

 My sister forgot to start taking pictures and then froze when I told her to take a picture so really Im lucky to have a picture where he is in the same frame as me.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Ok you cant really see my full body but see... I do go outside!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Today was the perfect day.

We packed up a large cooler with sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and fruits and went to the lake.

Maor and I have only been to the lake once a couple years ago when we first moved to MN and we aimlessly wondering around. We ended up on Lake Harriet right around sundown and caught the tail end of a free concert. They have boats to rent and little beaches to sit on so we said we would go back... and never did.

So we forgot where parking was. I was worried that even though it was only 11am we wouldnt be able to find parking cause its the 4th of July. So we parked in the first spot we saw on the road next to the bike and walking paths and started walking to find a beach. After a 5 minutes of walking I left Maor to keep walking and ran back to the car to keep driving and find closer parking.

Lea loved the lake... as long as we didnt put her in it. She was very content to sit on the blanket and watch people or toss her ball around. There was a good 10 minutes where we sat her in the water and she was ok. I got a couple pictures before she decided it wasnt ok again and demanded to go back to the blanket.

Maor is burnt...badly. I told him he should put on sun screen but he didnt want it.
I forgot to put lotion on the top of my feet and they burnt and hurt like a bitch so I cant imagine how his back and arms feel.
Lea is fine. You can see little tan lines from her swim suit but she isnt red.

We will not be watching fire works. Bed time is 8pm at the latest and I think shes still a bit too small for them. If we could see them from the house then I would try to keep her up. 
I really miss my old apartment in WI for that reason. You could always see the fireworks perfectly from my balcony so I never had to worry about parking, finding a spot, or mosquitoes.