Saturday, December 24, 2011

Its over!!

Christmas was never my favorite holiday. After this year I've gone from "Meh, its an ok holiday." to "Fuck Christmas!"

I spent 12 hours a day every damn day this week engraving and dealing with the prissiest people on the fucking planet. I usually didnt even get time to eat at work so I came home just about every day this week somewhere around 1am exhausted and hungrier than hell.
Mo being a wonderful husband always made sure to have food and tea ready for me when I got home. That took the edge off the horrible days a bit.
The first couple of days the hours and stress kinda sucked. The last couple of days it got so bad that I did come very close to passing out at work. When I tried to sleep at night my legs would cramp up every hour or so which woke me up because of the pain.

A manager from another store (the person who trained me) actually went into early labor because of stress. Her baby is ok but is in an incubator.

My boss actually called me up last night and asked me if I had fun. Fun? Fun!? Fuck you! Fuck this company and their fucking chinese overtime, their mandatory 2 weeks of working without a damn damn off, fuck the 125 hours where I didnt get to sit down once, fuck the five pounds I lost from not eating right while Im fucking pregnant, fuck these needy fucking customers who act like the world is ending if something doesnt go their way, and FUCK your stupid "One more day! I really appreciate you guys!" mass text message you sent me and everyone else at 7 in the FUCKING MORNING when I didnt get home and to bed till 3 AM and had to go in again at 12pm!!

.....I told her "it was interesting." then I went home and told my husband that I'll be using my maternity leave to find a new job.

Im not doing that again. Valentines day in a chocolate store was WAY easier and the complete lack of appreciation for employees was a slap in the face.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

So tired...

I think I will just go over there and lay die.

Im so fucking tired. I worked 53 hours this week and get to look forward to a 56 hour work week next week (that doesnt include all the days I will be more than likely staying late to make sure things get done).
I hate Christmas. A crap ton of money and stress on one day of one-upping each other. Adults who love Christmas scare the crap out of me because Im certain they are on some sort of mind altering drugs or are secretly serial killers. 

I've been told by my doctor that I cant go down hill skiing. Damn doctors and their stupid rules.

I was really going to write about something else but Im too tired to remember what.