Monday, August 3, 2015

Special post: Where are they now

Its really not a special post. I just havent posted anything in so long its more of an update.

Im feeling much better. I snapped out of my sadness a few weeks ago. Im not even sure how it happened, it really was like something in my head flipped a switch.
I had a huge fight with Maor, again. Hes dropped off the face of the earth, again.
2 days after the fight I just woke up and didnt care anymore.
It also helps that about a week after that my mom suggested Emergenzzzz. Its actually helping me stay asleep at night so Im not exhausted 2 hours I wake up. I do have an issue with horrible nightmares but when I wake up screaming I dont lay awake for hours anymore.
Im in a much better mood. Lea and I are doing a lot more.

I even went on a semi blind date. I knew what he looked like and that he was big into mountain bike racing.
It was....not good.
What I thought was limited information about him was actually ALL the information about him.
The only thing he talked about was biking. The only hobby he has is biking. He quit college after one year to focus on biking.
We went biking. To a restaurant but he was so spacey he kept getting lost (even though he goes to this place a lot). A 2 mile ride turned into 10 miles in 87 degree heat. He thought it was awesome and showed me his app that tracks routes and miles. I was ready to strangle him.
To my surprise he actually texted me later saying he had a great time and wanted to know if I wanted to get together and just chill and watch a movie.
Im pretty sure that was the first time in my life I have gotten a text like that from a nice really hot guy and my reaction was to scream in horror, hide my phone under a pillow, and hope it disappeared. If I have to hear about the joys of biking again I'll hurt someone.

Lea and I went on a girls weekend with 3 of my girlfriends last weekend.
We went to the Renaissance fair which is a 2 hour drive away. No one wanted to wake up at 5am to put on our elaborate costumes and get there by the time the fair opened so we all split a hotel room.
Lea had the best time.
As soon as we told her she was going to see pirates and fairies she kept saying she wanted to find the Sea Witch (a character on her new favorite show Jake and the Neverland Pirates).
We found a couple women dressed like witches and told Lea to go talk to them. Her eyes got as big as dinner plates and she eventually walked up to them. One gave her a marble and told her something but I didnt catch it cause I was trying to get pictures. She was the happiest little thing after and yelled "THANK YOU SEA WITCH!" while we walked away.
We also found a woman dressed as Maleficent who pulled off the look so well you would actually think Angelina Jolie was walking around in character. It was crazy! We pointed her out to Lea and I had a hard time keeping up with her as she ran up to her. She gave her a hug, we took pictures, and Lea asked her if she wanted to come with us. Everyone in a 30 foot radius awwed.
She didnt walk up to one single fairy or "nice" looking person. She was all skulls and bad guys. Thats my baby.
I had my own little following. Kids ran up to me and wanted pictures. 3 little girls gave me leaves and twigs as presents and kept finding me at different times with different friends also dressed up as fairies. They where convinced that I knew every fairy there.
We had a great time. A few of my favorite pictures:

Lea and I have our things we do now. We go to the library, the bakery down the road gives free cookies to kids under 12, Ive found all the good parks in the area, there is a "beach" we go to, the town we are in has a cinema thats great for kids because the sound system isnt that great and its small, and the zoo is a favorite of Leas.

Its not a bad update.