Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Im Batman!

Halloween Decorations

This is my first time living in a house so I was very excited to put up actual Halloween decorations. Mo and I went to a few Halloween stores and bought some cute decorations.
Mo really wanted to get those pumpkin leaf bags but we couldnt find them anywhere so we got a spider leaf bag instead at a dollar store. Sadly most of the legs were ripped when Mo went to put it together so our spider only has 3 legs.

We are the only fun people on the block apparently. No one else has Halloween decorations up.

I think tomorrow Im going to carve pumpkins. Now that its cold out Im not as worried about them rotting too fast. I am a little worried about the squirrels eating them though.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Everything comes to an end

Im usually very excited for my birthday. Its the day after Halloween so I usually get to dress up and get candy and the next day I get cake and presents! What isnt to love!

For the past 8 years I have gone to my parents house Halloween night to help my little brother and sister dress up and take them trick or treating with my aunt and grandma who come from MA to see everyone. They always came on Halloween because thats prime picture time for my aunt. (If you ever wanted to know what it was like to be attacked by paparazzi, spend a day with her) Then I would go home, change into my nerdy yet slightly slutty costume, and go out to the bars with my girlfriends. The next day I would nurse the hang over and go back to my parents house to hang out with my family and eat cake.

This year Im a little bummed. My new job requires that I work Halloween night and on my birthday so I cant make the drive down to see my family or go out with my friends now that I live in another state. I cant find a good excuse to make my nerdy Dalek costume because Mo and I dont know the area we live in well enough to know if there are even good Halloween parties going on around here. (Im very picky about my Halloween parties. Costume contests better be kick ass...none of this store bought shit going on)
Also my aunt and grandma will not be coming up this year to visit. They have decided my little brother and sister are too damn old to be cute when it comes to Halloween. Im not as disappointed by there decision as I was 3 months ago. Now that Im going to have a totally adorable little monster I know they will try to come out and visit in person at least twice a year. Im pretty sure I will get Halloweens because my only cousin who has kids lives in the mountains of Colorado.... trick or treating requires a five mile hike to the next house in snow. She can have Christmas.

I think my parents knew I was going to be bummed because they are coming up to spend the weekend before my birthday with me. I want to take my little brother and sister to Valley Fair. Im not sure if we can stay long enough for the haunted houses to open though because my little brother is a woosie child. I dont know where he gets it... no one else in our family is as sensitive as him.
Its going to suck not being able to go on rides but Im sure Mo will be more than happy to keep me company while everyone else goes on roller coasters. They scare the shit out of him.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New baby room idea!


With companion cube toy boxes.

Thats it. Portal room for a girl, Doctor Who room for a boy.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Yom Kippur... Im starving

For anyone who doesnt know what Yom Kippur is... I'll give you a second to skim through this link:

Ok, now that your done reading that. Forget what it said about people spending time in intense prayer. Mostly we just sit around playing board games, sleeping, and trying to remember not to turn on the lights when we walk into a room.

Mo and I did a slightly complicated puzzle, Mo cheated at monopoly (I had all of the boardwalk end WITH hotels, there is no way I could have lost unless he was cheating), and then I cheated and ate a cookie (because I was starving and the baby needed it!)

Hope everyone else Yom Kippur went well.
If it didnt...well your screwed now.