Thursday, May 2, 2013

Someone stop me! is having a sale!

I can think of 5 that I want.

Someone hold me back! Its not normal to want so many Halloween costumes! No one needs these many costumes!
No one wants to see me do a show as a Sexy Cup O Ramen!

...why do I even want that?

I have a costume addiction.

...*bites nails and rocks back and forth* Its only one day sale... I can stay away from my credit card for the next 24 hours...right...rriiigghhht??

Oh look, they even have stuff Maor would look sexy in.



  1. Why do I never hear about this MAJOR events until it is too late...I would love to feed your fetish Immora... Princess Lea costume !

    You in one of those would be amazing DREAM FOOD

  2. Make a list of the ones you want...seriously.