Friday, May 17, 2013

Foot video

Recently I have been really talking to people about their fetishes. Vanilla fetishes, hard core fetishes, popular fetishes... ect ect...
I have become very interested in why people like what they do for the past couple of months. So when people have been asking if I will do this that or the other thing instead of giving a straight yes or no answer Ive been kinda holding them hostage and quizzing them about their preferences and what makes them like it.
The other day I had a conversation with someone who has a foot fetish. In the middle of our conversation he said "Usually you just dont know what you like until you try it."
I have heard that a million times. Seriously, millions of times. Usually when someone is trying to get me to change my mind after Ive said no to something. This time I hadent said no or even hinted that I dont like feet so it kinda made me stop and go "hmmm..." I asked him what kind of stuff people usually make for foot fetishes videos or pictures and he gave me a slew of examples that ranged from licking your own feet to wearing heals and crushing a mans balls. So I chewed on the info for a few days and rolled around the ideas for a bit which leads us up to tonight.

I was bored. Its a Friday night, Ive caught up on most of my shows, Maor is out working...
So I decided to paint my toe nails in my undies and film it.
It is a 12 minute video of me chilling out in my undies, listening to music, and painting my toes.
I dont say anything so if you dont like my music choice thats ok...pick your own :P
*EDIT* I just watched it and you cant hear my music...

$10 donation gets the video.

If this goes well I might make more. I had fun making this.


  1. You are an amazing lady. I just enjoy how sensitive you are to other people's desires and wishes. Thank you for being so amazing... 'HUGS' to the family.


  2. WOWZAAAA...saw the new pictures on CW...I am totally blown away...amazing choices !!!!!