Friday, September 28, 2012

We shall endure!

Well not everything can go right now can it?
Apparently, after Maor got a new, used, truck he decided that he didnt want to go with the same insurance we've had and didnt insure the new truck right away. He just forgot, until he got pulled over. Ticket for no insurance.
After that he apparently forgot...again... to put insurance on the truck and accidentally hit someones mailbox when backing up after getting lost on a side road. The home owner wasnt around but the next door neighbor was standing right there, so he gave the neighbor his business card and asked him to pass it on and have the guy call him if he saw any damage.
So a couple days after that a cop shows up at our door asking why Maor did a hit and run on a mailbox.
The police said they tried to call Maor a couple times from a blocked number and he didnt pick up. So hes being charged again with no insurance and a hit and run (which we asked how it could be a hit and run if he gave information, which the police CLEARLY got from the neighbor, because I've never heard of your phone number being attached to your licence plate). 
I was LIVID at Maor. Days of screaming ensued. Days...honestly.. I cant yell about it anymore. He should have insured the damn car especially after the FIRST ticket. No good will come out of yelling anymore. Im just repeating myself.
Anyway, today we got a letter stating that because of these no insurance tickets Maors licence will be revoked until he pays a fine, completes the written driving test again, and has our insurance company send proof of insurance on the car. I read the letter twice and there is something in it that makes me think that even if he does all this before the official date of revoking in 2 weeks they will still revoke it for 30 days. I think thats all a bit harsh for driving without insurance (and that IS all its for... I read the letter up and down looking for more than one reason for revoking). Im a little nervous. Maors job depends on his ability to drive and the harsh reality is we do live paycheck to paycheck. I already have ideas on how we can make it through without his income for a while, but I really hope it doesnt come to that. 
Im just trying to keep the perspective that things could be WAY worse, and we will endure.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The neighbor

I've lived in this house now for a year and a half. We know the girl who lives in the other half of the duplex, we politely nod at the neighbors across the street and the 20 children of various ages that go in and out of their house, and we wave at the neighbor who walks her cat every night that lives to the left of us.
The guy who lives with his mother to the right of us will only speak to my husband.
I did talk to his mother once. She was hanging her bras out by the back door while I was raking so I made some polite conversation.
I didnt think much of it the first year we were here. I occasionally see him out playing with his big German Shepard but I was usually on my way to work and just did the polite nod thing.
I didnt notice that he actually WONT talk to me until a couple of months ago. Maor was BBQing and started talking to him and when I came out with Lea he suddenly had to leave. Anytime they are talking if I pop up he bolts. I even noticed this summer that if Im outside he wont even look at me anymore.
At first I started thinking that maybe he doesnt know I speak English. Maor does have a super thick accent so maybe he just assumes that I just cant speak English.
I thought that right up until the 4th of July. We were shooting off fireworks in the driveway with my parents when he came out and started talking with my mom and once again acted like I didnt exist.

So last night Maor and I had some friends over for BBQ. I was sitting outside talking when I looked up at the kitchen window to yell something to Maor and realized the kitchen blinds are NEVER shut and they are on the side of the house that faces the neighbors.
I dont shut them because all the windows face south so we never get a lot of light in the house. When you wake up in the morning and the blinds are closed you almost cant tell if its day or night out it so dark.
When Lea popped out we still didnt shut them and I started walking around the kitchen half naked at all hours of the night. Im pretty sure that hes probably seen me naked. Which would make sense that he even stopped waving at me right after Lea was born.

For a second last night I thought maybe I should close the blinds just to be a little modest because Im sure as hell not going to all the trouble of putting a shirt on in the middle of the night when Lea starts crying for food.
Then I remembered tons of people have seen me naked and at least 8 people watched me push a human out of my vagina....fuck modesty... I left the blinds alone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Much food

Well the "treating myself" fund was WAY more successful then I imagined it would be.
I took my family out for pizza at a place called Pizzeria Lola. It was on Diners, Drive ins, and Dives and I have been wanting to go there for months. So while my parents and siblings were up for the weekend we went there and ordered 5 different pizzas. We got the sunny side, Korean bbq, Hawaiian, margarita, and my brother got a cheese pizza. They were all awesome!
Honestly I have spent most of the money on food. A coffee and desert here and there. There is a french cafe about 10 minutes away that makes one hell of an awesome raspberry cake. One slice is $5 but its sooo worth it!
I also bought Lea a bouncer. It counts as being for me because my arms were getting super tired holding her up so she could jump. I got a little annoyed when I bought it because I brought it home, set it up, figured out there was one piece missing and had to take it all down and go back to the store for a new one. It was all worth it after I got the second one put together and put her in it. Shes a little short yet so I folded up a thick blanket and put it under the chair. It super cute watching her bounce around and play with the toys. 

Shes blurry because she wouldnt hold still.

Im taking the rest of it and sticking it in my savings in hopes that when November comes around Maor and I can use it to drop Lea off at Grandma and Grandpas and have a quiet weekend in the Dells. I say hope because with the way my car is acting I might have to revert the funds into a "keep the car alive" fund. We'll see. We have to wait until November because we are totally booked this month and October with family stuff. 

Thanks again to everyone who took an interest!! Thanks to you, my butt is a little bigger and Im heavily caffeinated.