Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cant deal

Im having a really hard time dealing with the idea of bringing Lea to daycare next week.

I successfully quit my job and got a new one that has regular day time hours so Lea can go to a daycare. With this job after taxes and the cost of child care I will only be bringing home about $600 a month. It puts a dent in bills but nothing would be going into savings on my end.

My logical side thinks that my going back to work is a good idea. I tried being a housewife once and went a little nuts. Its a little different this time having someone to look after and talk to even if she doesnt talk back, but Im sure in a few more months Im going to be pulling a Buzz Lightyear tea party.
Also, after getting the $3000 hospital bill any dent in the bills is a good dent. We really want to look into buying a house so staying out of debt is a plus.
After Maor looked over the bill and saw just how much my insurance paid for he asked how people without insurance could possibly pay to have a baby. I couldnt give him an answer because I really have no clue. I guess they would just pay it off like a student loan.

While my emotional side is crying and complaining about leaving her Maor keeps giving in and telling me its ok to stay home. Its really hard to tell if he thinks everything will be fine if I do or if hes giving in because he hates seeing me upset. So Maor is going to go with me to drop off the paperwork at the daycare tomorrow. Hes going to look around and talk to the people again with me. Then we will decide if we feel right leaving her at a daycare full time so soon. 

How the hell could you leave this???