Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dirty Little Red Riding Hood

Its like Christmas over here!

Suddenly I received 3 new outfits to play with!
So I made a couple picture sets.

Set number 1:
10 pictures, shows full nudity, Red Riding Hood costume.

Set number 2:
16 pictures, shows full nudity, Red Riding Hood and a sexy fishnet skirt/bra number.

Click the donate button. Include the email address you want the pictures sent to.

If pictures arent your thing I'll be doing a Red Riding Hood themed show tomorrow March 29th at 8:30PM central time on Camwhores! So come watch that if you can! 

Also, I cut my hair...

Monday, March 25, 2013


Friday I was looking forward to a quiet weekend. Then I got a text message from my mother saying "Can we come to visit?"
I said "Sure, when?"
She said, "This weekend."
Uhh ok.

My little sister left for France Friday night for her high school French class trip and my moms way of dealing with it was to head straight for her Grand daughter. It was nice for me. Maor and I went out to a movie Saturday night while she baby sat.

After spending a weekend with my mom I am a bit scared of going through "the change". She was a wreck. She complained that she was neglecting me because she hasnt talked to me in weeks (really thats just our relationship, we dont talk. Im fine with it) so I truthfully told her I didnt feel neglected (because I dont. I've been out of the house for a decade and she has two other kids in the house. Talking to her once a month is the normal.)  she sobbed that I could feel a little neglected, then grabbed me and hugged me till I could breath in the middle of the street. So I told her I felt a little neglected so she would let go and we could get out of traffic. It was very confusing.

Lea peed on Grandpa. The daycare I go to forgets to tell me that Lea needs more diapers until shes OUT of diapers so they end up using up my backups in the diaper bag if I forget to bring them in the next day. So Sunday we went out to the Mall of America and I had to change Lea into swimmies (I keep them in the diaper bag because we try to take Lea swimming once a week) because they daycare used up all my backup diapers. I figured it would work for a quick fix. I didnt think that they wouldnt work at all while Grandpa bounced her around. I came out of the store to see poor Lea looking confused while my mom was crying laughing and Grandpa was soaked.

It was an unexpected fun weekend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not tired

Cant sleep.

I will admit I didnt try very hard. My head hit the pillow and I was back up 10 minutes later. Its because Im trying to make myself go to sleep early. There is a big wig visiting our office who has WAY too much energy and looks down on you if you arent as happy and hyper as him. I dont mean he will just think less of you, I mean he will think less of you AND pick on you for the whole damn day. The only way to match his manic office interactions is to get a good night sleep and start pounding the red bull as soon as your alarm goes off.

It is going to be hard to sleep though. Its always hard for me to sleep after a really good day. I dont want them to end. I got a raise, Carters was having a 50% off sale so I went on a shopping spree for Lea to make sure she wont need cloths for the next six months (its not in our budget now but 50% off is way too good to pass up on kids cloths so I went a little over board),  I had a Red Riding Hood outfit waiting for me when I got home, and Lea and I were having so much fun playing after work that I let her stay up a half hour past her bed time (slight mistake, she had a bit of a tired melt down...).

I have plans of the Red Riding Hood outfit.... if it wasnt a whopping 14F outside I would have grand plans... but being confined to inside for now I just have plans.

Its hard to calm down.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Baking show!

I rescheduled my Camwhores show for Thursday 8:30PM central.
I plan on baking naked!!
I made a time slot of a half an hour but Maor and I always end up going over our time. Once we get started we just dont stop until we are tired.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Feeling better

Well, I dont know what I had or if I even had anything. Last week I was super tired and felt nauseous all week. It peeked around Wednesday and I was sure I was going to need to go home sick or turn up the office radio so I wouldnt embarrass myself. Im not sure if never having things let go was a blessing or a curse.

At one point I was a little worried I was pregnant again. My period was late but we have sense discovered that Im not. No need to panic.

I need to get my show rescheduled. Im thinking this Thursday.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sorry :(

I'm really sorry but I have to cancel my show tonight. I'm feeling under the weather. There is a stomach bug going around the office so I'm praying that's not what I have. Hopefully I can just reschedule for tomorrow!

Monday, March 11, 2013

At least its not shit

My landlord has gotten on my nerves for a variety of reasons. 

We were very straight forward with him when we told him we do not want to sign another year. We are looking to buy a house so what is the point of signing another year? Not to mention that I dont WANT to spend another year here.

So he said we could stay as long as we give him a 60 day notice of when we are going to leave. Fine. Works for everyone.
He dropped off a piece of paper for us to sign that was essentially another year long agreement, no mention of the 60 day notice. I called him up and told him we wouldnt sign it because its so vague. He argued that it was meant to be vague and I argued that the whole point of a contract is to be straight forward. I won and we decided he would come over tonight after I got off work to fix the agreement and we would all sign it. 

I wasnt looking forward to this. He is impossible to get rid of once hes in front of you because he talks so damn much. Last year when I was pregnant we left him and the neighbor talking in the yard while Maor and I made the excuse that we needed to go for walk to try and get Lea to get out. We went to Perkins up the road for waffles and walked home, 45 minutes later he was still talking the poor girls ear off. She looked like she was about to run out in front of a car just to get out of talking to him anymore. 

Last minute he had to cancel coming over. Yay! We rescheduled for tomorrow which was fine by me because I have an appointment I can use as an excuse to leave and only poor Maor would be stuck talking to him. Hes really good at dazing out and doing the smile and nod thing so he would be fine!

So I get home expecting a lazy night. Perfect considering I couldnt sleep last night. There was a strange noise coming from the basement (that I bravely investigated with a butcher knife in hand) and I discovered a small pond where the floor drain use to be. Luckily the only things in that area of the basement are in rubber bins so nothing was ruined but the cat was seriously confused. The walls here are stupidly thin so I heard the neighbors talking about how they also had a small pond and figured I would let it go (it wasnt septic. It smelled like water from the neighbors washing machine).
After doing the dishes the puddle started becoming a lake so I swore a little and sent the landlord a text message saying I knew the neighbors had a drain problem...and so do we.

So the landlord was very nice in showing up right away with a rooter rooter guy to snake the drains. However snaking went from 8pm to 10:30pm and he tried to carry on a conversation by yelling over the machines. Not cool when there is a baby in the house.

Good news... our baby can sleep through drills, hammers, and a guy yelling about his daughters going to prom. Also, we got the lease business out of the way so hes out of our for a while. Bad news...its 10:30, Im tired and hes still not gone. Hes currently telling me about his entire day and wont leave even while Im typing this a probably dont look like Im that interested in his story.
Sorry dude, your prompt response was nice but past experience has put you on my shit list so Im not about to make you a cup of tea and praise you.
Please go away

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Keeping busy

I have become a yoga addict. I go twice a week. I love it because I can tell Im getting more flexible and Im getting stronger which is making me stand up straighter (Ive always been a horrible sloucher) but I tend to make fun of it to myself during the sessions. I have tried out a few different classes and have my set favorites that I try to make depending on Maors work schedule. If I cant make those I am a muttering mess.
This morning I couldnt make it into my favored class because the child center was full for the time. Instead I went to a class that was run by a woman who read inspirational quotes through most of the class. At one point most people ended up getting lost through movements because she just stopped directing so most of us gave up and listened to her inspirational story on a sweater not making your life better. She was also touchy. I got 2 massages. I wouldnt say that makes me special. She was pretty touchy with everyone. She got around that room....if you know what I mean. On the plus side she did give everyone chocolate after. None of the other instructors ever gave me chocolate.

We looked at 3 houses today. None of them are THE house but its interesting that after looking at 10 houses our wants and needs are starting to change. Im actually requesting to re-see houses we saw last week because while it doesnt have the bedroom sizes I want the yard is HUGE which is hard to find around here.
I almost wish we could back out of buying a duplex and just get out own little starter house but my Gramzy is so excited about moving out here with us that I cant change my mind. She grew up here, her family is here, my mom was born here, and I think she wants to die here even if she wont admit it to anyone. I really want Lea to have that last quality time with Gramzy (which also makes me feel like an ass because there are other Great Grandkids in Colorado who wont get Gramzys pickle sandwiches and apple pies whenever they want). It also been a running joke that I would give my aunt my first born.... and I think my aunt would love to be like Leas 3rd Grandma. I cant see a down side to Lea being surrounded by loving family all the time.

On the subject of Lea, shes going to be 1 year old in a month!! Its amazing how big shes getting. She is her own little person now. She has her likes and dislikes. She loves books. Ive had the board books that can take a beating at her level on a shelf in the living room for months so she can take them down and play with them. There are 3 that she always wants me to read over and over again all day long. She always sits still for bedtime stories even if shes been hyper up till then.
She loves birds (ducks and owls), balls, rhymes, Shaun the Sheep, and Sesame Street, and bears. She tries to have conversations.
Shes not advanced in her development, shes right where she should be but I think shes amazing.

Friday, March 8, 2013


The concert was fantastic!!

After dropping Lea off with friends we ran over to the concert and were a little late for the 7pm start time but the starter band didnt start until 7:20.
The starter band was Dead Sara. They were good. The lead singer had an interesting voice. She sounds like another lead singer from a popular band in the 90's but I dont know band names well enough to remember which one. I have to give them some credit for trying to talk with the crowd but it was a bit of a failure. The lead singer pointed out that one area smelled like weed and while most people were like "Shut up! Its illegal here!" 2 people yelled "Woo!"
Then she made some comment about how the air seemed thin and everyone just looked at her like she was crazy.
Good thing their songs were decent.

Muse was AMAZING. They had a lot going on visually and they sounded awesome! Our seats were pretty good. I took pictures and they look like little ants but we were actually pretty close.

I didnt want to but we left a little before the end with a hand full of people who also wanted to miss fighting people to get out the door.

Somehow during the night I lost my parking garage ticket. We thought we could just drive down to the bottom and grab a new ticket on the opposite side but we didnt know there was going to be a huge cement wall separating incoming cars from outgoing. I ended up pressing the big red panic button at the empty pay booth and got them to remotely tell the machine we had a ticket. It took about 10 minutes to do because I couldnt hear a damn thing the guy was trying to say over the speakers cause my ears were still ringing.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I won!

Holy crap! I won something!
I finally got on a radio game this morning and won $15 and Muse tickets! I'm going to see if they have a copy of the show anywhere and post it later.

I'm so excited! Now I just need a friend that doesn't work that night or a baby sitter so Maor can go with me!

In my excitement I yelled "best day ever! Lets have a pizza party!" And one of the managers tossed me his credit card and said "hell yeah! Order 3 large pizzas!"

Best day ever!