Monday, May 26, 2014

Meet the neighbors

Our new house is a town house. Renting is very nice but I will NEVER get the appeal of buying one of these things. Your attached to your neighbors. You cant do what you want with your yard. You have you pay association dues. Honestly, I think it sucks.

The place we are renting is very nice. Most of the neighbors are seniors. Its quiet. I have had more polite conversations about annual plants in the past week than Ive have in my life.
Maor has met our attached neighbors. They are not seniors. They are from Bolivia. Maor hasnt said anything about them besides that they are from Bolivia and are a little older than us. I have seen them in passing and noticed they drive cars with spinners and seem like the show offish type. My only interaction with them was when they cracked a window a couple days ago while we were having a BBQ and said, "Is it someones birthday?" and I yelled "Nope! We're just partying for the hell of it!"

Earlier this evening I decided to walk out on to one of our patios and noticed out of the corner of my eye that the neighbors lights where on. Being the nosy woman I am I looked in. Whatever room it was looked like a sauna room just by the wood. So I thought "Ooooo! A Sauna!" Then I saw the TV.....then I saw the neighbor in all his glory spread out in a lounge chair scratching his balls. It was not a pretty sight. I ran back in to the house and may never venture out on to that porch again.

Honestly, I have thoughts about seeing neighbors in vulnerable ways. Like Rob, the last neighbor who didnt talk to me for  3 years. Sure his mothers bras hanging on the laundry  all summer kinda killed any sex appeal. (I can say it now that we moved. The man did have some sex appeal. All female neighbors gave him 2 thumbs up. Especially while he mowed the lawn  There was a reason we had our "happy hour" picnic then.)

Im just saying now it makes me a little nervous that maybe Ive been a bit too loosy goosy about my shades being open.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

If all goes well, that was my idea

About a month and a half ago I pointed out to my boss that once summer craziness kicks in us admin will not be able to keep up with stupid time consuming shit corporate thinks we should do now on top of our normal duties...especially because one of our 3 person team is...a total fucking idiot.
Apparently firing people is hard (I keep trying to convince them to let me have a talk with her because I would bet money she would voluntarily quit after I was done but apparently they are afraid that I would cross a line and get myself in trouble) so we cant get rid of the dead weight before summer hits hard. So I threw out the idea of getting a part timer. A kid who can do the filing, the tedious scripted calls, and do stupid tedious stuff managers dont want to do either. My boss said, "How am I supposed to find that?" I said, "Easy, get some kid who needs job experience and a little money. A teenager who just needs something to make them look a little better on paper."
A couple weeks later a scrawny teenager ran in asking for my boss and out again with a drug test sheet.

Today I pointed out again that its getting busier and if corporate thinks an office of our size can keep up with their bullshit they are mistaken. My boss said, "I hired a part timer!"
The woman who has been around forever nearly fell out of her chair. She thought he was joking. He said he wasnt. She walked up to me when he was out of the room and asked what I knew about it. I told her about the conversation we had a few weeks ago. We laughed about how it would be funny if the kid was better than the spaz.

I thought to myself, if this goes well I damn well better get credit for this idea.
On the flip side judging by the way the kid was dressed when he first came in, age, and overall attitude hes either related to my boss or is probably a kid he coached for baseball which makes me hope he isnt some little asshole.
Im also going to have to start watching my language. I swear like a fucking sailor.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Now before I begin I need to say thank you. Thank you again to everyone that watched my show, thank you to everyone that tipped. Ive made 2? thank you posts and put up a few thank you tweets but really I mean it, THANK YOU!
I choose my best friend to do the photo op with me. Shes been having a horrible year. Want to know how horrible? She had 10 thousand in savings when 2014 started. Now shes living paycheck to paycheck thinking about selling her house. Thats fucking rough. Shes always been there for me and Im pretty sure I owe her money from 7 years ago.... but shes the kind of friend who would never bring that up. So yeah, I said "This ones on me...well, actually its not really on me its on the internet but as long as your cool with me posting some photos from the day I dont think the internet will mind I shared." She said I can post her photos but no names.
So I need to make a key to make this easier:

Ariel- my bestie (the girl in the Black Widow costume)
Kiki- very good friend (Steam punk outfit)
Tina- Girl dressed as Yuna, I dont know her well at all. Shes mostly Kikis friend.
Jessica- Princess Leah with the adorable Ewok baby
Matt- Han Solo

Friday I met up with all of my girlfriends at the hotel they were staying at. We went out for a cheap dinner, we went through the schedule for the panels on Saturday and decided what we wanted to go see, we made plans to meet up when the doors open, we headed back to the hotel to coordinated outfits and check on a part of our group that hadent called to say they were at the hotel yet.
When we walked in to the hotel we saw an elevator open and ready to go up. So like the adults we are we sent one of our own running to the elevator to stop it so we didnt have to wait. Kiki, who isnt easily embarrassed was the one who went barreling in to the elevator to mash the open button while the rest of us got on. I noticed she was beat red and doing a little dance but didnt think anything of it. We got off at our floor, departed the elevator, and walked half way down the hallway before she blurted out "Did you see WHO was in the elevator with us?" the rest of looked at her and said, "no". "IT WAS IAN ZIERING!!"
We had to google him. (poor guy, I heard he had 17 people at his panel too)
We grabbed Ariels stuff and headed over to my house (she couldnt afford the hotel, I offered to house everyone but you cant argue with being attached to the event center)
We stayed up for a bit fluffing wigs and shooting the shit but turned in pretty early.
Ariel and I are people who like to be on time.

Saturday morning we got dressed up and headed out. Lea was super confused.
We stopped for coffee next door to my house. People looked at us in our costume like we were nuts. We pulled up to the hotel again and booked it to the conference center to get our wrist bands. Ariel and I  walked around the floor a bit looking at vendors and taking pictures. My feet started to hurt by 11am so we ran up to the hotel room and I went in to ballet flats. By that time the rest of our group was ready to join us so we headed down again and took many pictures on the way.
 Didnt like that the person who took our picture didnt ask but Im more OK with it now that I found it on Reddit and got him to send me copies

Fury... 10am and he was 2 wisky cokes in...with his 8 year old taking pictures. Nice guy...but not the best dad. You meet all kinds I guess.

Who you gunna call?

 Immediatly after taking this picture he asked "Do you know if they have lockers here?" Ariel yelled, "Doesnt everything fit in your hat?" 

I broke my time machine next week.

Ariel looking awesome in 2 months

Not in our group, and Shepard thought I was from GOT but they were still cool

 Zelda was not in our group but she was damn cool.

These guys were also not in our group but we met them in a bar later and they were fun.

After walking around and taking MANY pictures, mostly us taking pictures with people, we lined up for our photo op. It went FAST. Seriously, it was "Oh my god there they are, what? Smile? OK! BYE!"
I remember seeing Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion. I think I shook someones hand. Nathan said he liked my costume. I blurted out that my little sister was a fan. Ariel laughed. There as a flash. Nathan said my sister had great taste. Ariel and I stumbled out and stood at the exit for a moment going "What the fuck just happened?"
We collected ourselves and waited for the rest of our group to come through who were just as star struck as us. We all geeked like teenage girls (even Matt) for a moment then decided it was time to head to the panels.
Ariel and I decided to stand in line for the Karen Gillan panel. We made it in by the skin of our teeth. Our friends did not make it in. Their loss. Karen is super cute. 
We sat through the Michael Rooker panel... which was a little unorganized but entertaining. 
Then we saved seats for the slackers in our group to get in to the Nathan Fillion/Adam Baldwin panel. I wish I had gotten up to ask my question about the new comic book thats out. But I didnt. 
After the panel Ariel and I ran to the photo area to get our photo. It wasnt there...
Ariel and I began to panic. Did someone take our photo? Who the hell would do that?
We asked a girl there. She looked at us and said, "Oh! Your friend Matt took it for you!" Ok. Then we asked how to get the digital copy we upgraded to getting. While another guy was explaining how we get our JPEG one of the photo bouncers walked over and said "Why did Nathan have such a grip on you?" 
I couldnt answer him...I didnt even know what he was talking about because I hadent seen the photo yet but apparently my photo was a day favorite because it looked like Nathan had a death grip on me. 
We chit chatted with the bouncer for a bit and he shared some of his favorite celeb photos he had where his friends had photo shopped the background. Like him and Captain Jack looking like they are at prom.
Dude was cool as hell.
Matt found us while we were chit chatting with the bouncer and handed over our photo. This is what everyone was raving about:
I hate the look on my face but at the same time, "I am the special"

While Ariel and I were staring at our picture the freaking original Green Ranger popped up (literally) and started reeving up his photo crowd right next to us. I could have grabbed his ass he was so close. I wasnt a fan of power rangers but Maor appreciated that part of the story.

After we calmed down a bit we headed over to the costume contest. While walking in we looked at the line of people waiting to be judged and Ariel said to Tina "We made your costume in less than a week. You should be in this." Tina doesnt have much of a back bone so she said "Ok" and walked to the back of the costume contest line. Ariel, Kiki, and a Comic Con volunteer then looked at me and said, "You guys go together... you should go to."
I said, "Hell no! I sign up for EVERY costume contest and NEVER win. Im going to sit down and watch for once."
The volunteer said I shouldnt give up but left it at that and walked away. My girlfriends however gave me disappointing looks until I gave in threw my hands in the air and walked back to join Tina for judgment.

We were 2nd to dead last in line. 
People were too tired to cheer to people in front of us even the ones that were decent.

Thats why when we walked up I was blow away but the screams we got. The crowd went WILD. 

We didnt win anything but we got a lot of compliments.
The people who did win totally deserved it!

After the contest we headed to the bars (in costume). Ariel and I didnt make it back to my house till after 3:30. We didnt care what time we went to bed because we were the only ones in our group to not have full weekend access. 
We did get back to the hotel around 11:30 though to try and grab Kiki and Tina for a brunch before the Matt Smith panel. We got there too late but decided to wonder down to the convention center to people watch. Ariel and I were walking by the conference room Matt Smith was in moping about how we were too broke to see it when they opened the exit doors. We stopped, scotched over, and peeked in. Gradually we inched all the way in. We saw the whole panel for free. 
It was fantastic! The prefect end to a nerdy weekend!
When the panel ended we grabbed a celebratory coffee and I kept Ariel company outside the convention center while Kiki and Tina shopped in the areas we couldnt get to.
We saw a couple great costumes:

Around 3 Kiki and Tina were done stopping so they packed up their car and went back to WI and I drove back home.

It was a great weekend!! 

Im currently planning on building my anime con costume and Ren faire costume. If you would like to donate towards the fabric and/or ticket prices please donate again. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Minneapolis Comic Con

I have never been to a Con, ever. It seems like I should have a long time ago. I do Ren fares like Sunday church (seriously, knights know me), Im all up in that Scifi and video game stuff, and when I say I have a costume closet I mean I have dedicated space that goes from "coolest geek costume I made by hand" to "just throw slutty before the character name".

When a friend of mine posted about this Comic Con I was all in from the get go. But as it got closer and we had some bad luck and bad luck turned into horrible luck and horrible luck turned in to "we are treading water" I was really down that I wouldnt be able to find a place in the budget for this.
Which is why I say "Thank-you, Thank-you, THANK-YOU!!" with all of my heart to everyone who watched my show and who contributed to this.
Its actually not only me who says thank you, my best friend who has also been going through a horrible year...a REALLY horrible year.. we both say THANK YOU!!

Im too tired to do a full post on the day and we are trying to collect EVERYONES pictures from our group. For now I leave you with this:

Tomorrow or Tuesday I will do a full play by play of the awesome 48 hours that was comic con.