Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Im going to cry

I went to the gym today and for some dumb reason decided to leave my purse sitting in the back of my car. I dont even know what I was thinking and Im beating myself up over this.

So of course I get back to my car, get in, feel a breeze, look back, and said "Oh shit!"

My credit cards, my licence, my insurance cards, and my nook were in that purse. They didnt take anything else... just smashed my window and grabbed my purse.

The bad news is they went on a shopping spree at Target and spent around $400... and it will take my bank about 10 days to look into it and credit me the money back.

The good news is there are security cameras in the gym parking lot, at Target, and I have the serial number for my nook so if it shows up at a pawn shop I'll get it back.

So there is a very good chance I will get everything back... I just have to deal with the stress of fixing a window that we cant afford to do now after this little smash and grab event while my bank takes its time refunding me my money.

I hope they catch this person and I can spit on them. Fuckers.


  1. Shit - that sucks. I hope you get the bastards. Our country is sick with all of this politically correct bullshit. In Sri Lanka they'd cut their fucking hands off for stealing. Around here you get a slap on the wrist and a free meal or two IF you get locked up. Many criminals have nothing to lose. Sad commentary on a once proud nation. I don't lock the doors where I live - I wish the metropolitan areas were more like the rural ones.


  2. Oh, shit. I must have skipped reading your blog yesterday. I'm so sorry this happened. Alert the credit card companies to be on the lookout for identity theft.