Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lost in Translation

Lea and I have made it to Israel.
The flight was hell for me. We left at 7pm on Sunday night. Lea slept all the way to Amsterdam but I couldnt sleep for the life of me. I was too excited/nervous.
I was worried that the thing I have to log in for work would be blocked for some reason. I was worried that everything would be super weird with the family seeing as Im divorcing their son.
So no sleep for me. When we got to Amsterdam I was hoping to check into a hotel that I saw in the airport last year but it was under construction so I walked around with Lea till I couldnt move anymore. I plugged her into Disney movies on the Ipad and slept in paranoid 10-20 minute intervals.
We where stuck there for 8 hours. It actually turned into 10 hours because when they started boarding the flight they announced a security issue and made everyone go through security again. 
We arrived in Tel Avivi at 3:30am on Tuesday (their time). 

I dont remember much about Tuesday. I napped off and on and we went to Great Grandpas house. Then I had to work at 1am on Wed.

My hours for work didnt change and I never planned on asking for any time off. So on a normal day here in Israel I work 12am to 8am. 
My schedule has been run around all day, sleep for 2-4 hours, work 8 hours, sleep another 2-4 hours, run around....repeat.
Energy drinks are about $0.50 when you do the conversion though so I have been living off those.

We have been having a great time. Everyone is being super nice. They are really happy to see Lea. 
We have gone to fairs, bbqs, the beach, pools. Its been awesome so far.

Im actually having more fun now then I ever did coming here with Maor. I get to talk more. If I want something I have to suck it up and communicate or figure out a way to get it myself instead of being a sissy and relying on him to do everything for me.
I feel better about being here now. Depending on if Im still in high spirits at the end of the month and how much I end up spending I think its entirely possible that I could really make this kind of trip once a year no problem.

The only time I felt slightly uncomfortable so far was a total misunderstanding.
Ive been hanging out with one of Maors sister a lot. She asked me if I wanted to go to a pub around 4pm for a beer. I said sure.
So at 3:45 I was hanging out on the couch and she said "Get ready!"
I was wearing a pair of jean shorts and plain t-shirt. I looked down at myself and said "I am ready, I just need to get my shoes."
Her "Noooo! You need to dress up!"
Me "Why? We are going for a beer."
Her "Everyone dresses up to go to the pub."
We argued about it for a little bit and I sighed and put on more of a going out shirt but kept the shorts. We had an argument about how my shorts are beach shorts in Israel.
She tried to dress me in her cloths (we have totally different tastes) and I finally put my foot down and said I wanted to wear jean shorts and wasnt doing my makeup so lets just fucking go.

The pub was not a pub. It was a night club that was confused about the time.
Club dance music, people dancing on the bar, confetti guns.... holy shit.
I had fun but thats not a pub!
Im still arguing with her about the meaning of pub and club.

One week down. 

I hope we get to go to Jeruselem before we have to leave. We where supposed to go yesterday but because of the terrorist attacks we are staying away from it.