Friday, January 17, 2014

What am I going to do with myself?

Well we are back from vacation. I've been waiting to not be dead tired to actually do a post about the whole trip with pictures. I'll probably do that tomorrow.

This weekend is going to be the first weekend in close to 6 months that Maor, Lea, and I are going to be alone. My aunt was with us every weekend for 5 months while she was here doing travel nurse stuff then we left for Israel.

What the hell are we going to do with ourselves? My aunt was a go go go kind of person and took pictures of EVERYTHING. On a boring weekend she would take 200 pictures. Most of them were of Lea.
Now Im not going to be dragged to the houses of family members I dont actually know. Im not going to have anyone to go with me to the tourist spots. Who is going to slap 5 recipes from magazines on the counter and cook with me all day? Who is going to wake up with Lea at 6am??? Who is going to watch Lea so Maor and I can have a date night?

On the one hand I am happy to have some just me Maor and Lea time....or just me and Maor time with no one in the living room that we could possibly wake up if we get too excited... but Im going to miss my aunt.

By the way Im doing a show on Camwhores tomorrow, because I can do shows on weekends now again.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Possible show

Maor and I will be heading to a romantic cabin. We fully intend to spend 24 hours eating, drinking, boinking like bunnies and taking a short sleep and massage break before boinking some more.
We want to do a show. On
I'm not going to schedule a show though because we aren't sure of what time we want to do it or if the cabin will have internet.

We are 7 hours ahead of eastern time so a show may or may not happen between the eastern hours of 7am and 6pm... 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

What day is it?

I was trying to think of how to write this in my head on the way home today but I wasn't sure what day it was. Most of the time I don't even know the time. 

When I last left off we were going to zefat. It is a beautiful city. Very much a hippy town in the mountains.

A few days ago we went to Hamat Gadar. Hot springs smushed between Jordan and Syria. It's very commercial but fun. We ate at the restraunt there and when people asked what I wanted I said "suprise me" because I'm not a picky eater. I got a whole fish. Head, tail, scales, eyes. Maors best friend laughed at my face when they set it down. I did eat it. I couldn't clean it to the point of being just bones like everyone else but I made an effort and it was good.
The hot springs was fun and relaxing. Maor and I had some fantastic sex when everyone went to bed... Which lead to an accident that lead to a trip to the pharmacy the next day.

Lea is bonding with her Grandparents. I'm trying to stay out of the way. Tonight I nixed pudding before bed and I feel bad.

Tomorrow we might do the Dead Sea.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1

We made it to Israel!
The plane ride wasn't bad, Lea was fantastic, but the car we rented was a bust. They wanted $700 more for a deposit than the $250 we put down weeks ago. So after a lot of yelling where Maor called them scam artists we took the train to Haifa and some friends picked us all up. Not that we couldn't afford the down payment.. It was more you tell us one thing and it's another, what is the bill going to be in 2 weeks?

The next day (today) we took Lea out for a walk around town. Took us 2 hours to go 4 blocks. We had to say hi to everyone. 
It was 60 out and sunny. Much better than the -4 we left.

Lea took a 2 hour nap after lunch. She has as many toys here as she does at home now.  Her aunts got her a trike! 

After nap we met great grandpa. We named lea after his late wife. He cried. Lea danced with him and we got some good pictures. 

Then we went and saw Claries (Maors moms sisters) new house. It's huge. I want her kitchen. 
Lea made friends with their dog Macho...a small dog wearing a sweater that Claries son Aden and I joked doesn't live up to his name. 

Lea is having a good time. Daddy is telling his family to back off when they get in her face and all try to get her attention at once. They said hes too bossy but I'm very proud. 

Tomorrow we are going to sefat or zefat sounds like isfat.. I googled it and the spellings are all different. 

I feel like we never left. I don't feel awkward at all. It could be because I don't know what anyone is saying most if the time.
Our English is already worse. I do half English half Hebrew and I've dumbed down my English so people can understand me. I can't do sentences in Hebrew so I just throw in words I know. Maor is all Hebrew. We tell anyone speaking English to lea to stop so she can learn. 

We had shawarma for dinner! I'm in heaven!