Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vote for my kid!

I dont mean to beg...but if you could vote for my kid for this "cutest kid" contest that would be fabulous.

I dont want the prizes...they are kinda lame. I want bragging rights. Photo Contest

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

About that...

Remember how I said the new woman at work was picking up on things quickly?
I spoke WAY too soon.
After my grieving coworker came back we found a mess of mistakes and have noticed that her jitters of answering phones and helping anyone may not be new job jitters... she just seems to be unable to do anything without your specifically telling her what to do. It doesnt matter if shes done it 10 times before. She will freeze up until you tell her to do it.
She also takes everything you say literally. The grieving coworker went to help a guy who came by with a shipment and just talking to myself out loud I said "I hope shes not lifting anything heavy" because I know she has bad wrists. New woman immediately went to the garage and said "She says you shouldnt be lifting things"
I turned around and yelled down the hallway "Oh, you really didnt need to go tell her that! Shes a big girl!"
She looked a little thrown off by that.

I just dont even know what to do with her. I hope its some weird adjustment faze but we are worried. I hate that I didnt catch her mistakes but honestly Ive been doing the work of 3 people while training... there was only so much I could do.

So besides work Ive been planning our Halloween costumes. By our I mean mine and Leas. Maor is a party pooper.
Im going to be Lulu from Final Fantasy X and Lea is going to be my moogle. We have Leas costume finished. Mine I havent started yet. I am going to attempt to make a full dress so I NEED a sewing machine. My grandma had given me a 1960's singer but I just cant make it work without jamming so I ordered a simple new Brother online and am selling the vintage machine on craigslist. Gramzy said I should throw it out but my aunt is convinced I can get a good $200 out of it if I find the right person. We shall see. If I can sell it for the price of the new machine I will be happy but Im not expecting much.

Here is Leas costume... these pictures are the unfinished version. We just wanted to see how it would hold up with her running around. I am going to hold off on posting finished pictures until both our costumes are done.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

No time alone

I had a sexy weekend planned for Maor and I last weekend. We took a 3 day weekend (it was actually Yom Kippur so he automatically had the time off) and were going to drop Lea off at my parents house and spend the weekend alone in a resort. 
Plans fell through when my parents called up and said they were going to Chicago instead of baby sitting for us.
Im glad the penalty for canceling our reservations was only $25. 

Instead of getting romantic we used our Friday off to buy a new car for me. My last car was undriveable. The shocks came off it and we figured out we have been spending so much on car repairs we might as well turn that into payments instead. So we bought a new used reliable car and got the extended warranty. Its a fabulous feeling being able to drive a car without be terrified that its going to burst in to flames at any moment.

This week has been busy. We have a new person at work and the other admins mother died. Surprisingly the other admin worked Monday and Tuesday (even though I told her multiple times that it would be ok for her to go home and grieve) but she was a bit of a wreck. She was messing up on simple things and creating more work for herself by insisting on being the one to fix them.
The new person is picking up quickly. I can at least use her to do the mundane things around the office so I can focus on the phone calls.
It hasnt been bad...but its lonely. The new person is very quiet which is the exact opposite of what Im use to.  We are hoping she opens up after a bit, I swear like a sailor and I cant tell if shes ok with that or if it makes her uncomfortable.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Playing Tourists

My aunt came over again for the weekend (and she will continue to keep coming over until her contract is over)
We played tourists. She had a list a mile long of all the things she wanted to do this weekend. We did most of them... shes around for another month so we had to leave some things undone.
Saturday we went to Fort Snelling. It was hotter than hell with no shade at the fort. We were sweating like crazy and all I could think of was how bad I felt for the people who were dressed in costume. We also accidentally stole 2 bottles of water. While we were getting the passes to get in I went over to the cooler next to the register and took out a couple bottles. I heard my aunt tell the lady we were also getting them and assumed that was the end of it, so we walked off. Turns out the lady said I had to pay for them at another register and I didnt hear over Lea getting excited over something so my aunt assumed I heard and took care of it. So after an educational movie before we went out to the fort we were stopped by a surly old woman who watched us like we were just about to shove nick nacks in the stroller left and right even after we paid for the waters.

Then we went to Fort Snelling cemetery so my aunt could say hi to someone shes related to but Im not...which actually makes me not related to a lot of people she is and thus makes my going to a lot of these family things shes been dragging me to pointless... but thats kind of a family secret and we really dont talk about that. Sometimes I do wonder if some of the older people Ive been meeting who can still remember why we arent actually related think its weird that Im there or if they just assume no one told me so I dont know. I dont say anything. I think my aunts in denial about it more than anyone.

Lea spent most of her time visiting the locals.

After that we went to Minnehaha park, took some pictures, waded in the river, and got some snow cones from the creepiest ice cream man ever.

Sunday was all spent at the MN Zoo. We got there as soon as they opened and stayed until close to closing. Im thinking about getting a membership next year. Lea had so much fun.

Monday we went to the science museum. We really only wanted to see the Mayan exhibit but Lea seemed quiet interested in running around so we let her go nuts.

Lea is exhausted.

My aunt will be back again next week. She said something about taking it easy next weekend...then mentioned wanting to see a cemetery in an obscure town where she says we are related to most of the people in it. Again, WE arent related to these people. SHE is. Honestly, I havent seen her this deep in denial since we took that trip to Egypt.