Tuesday, October 21, 2014


No one should blog during lady rain season but fuck it, Ive exhausted imgur, Im out of shows to watch on Hulu, and Im running dangerously low on cupcakes!

This is one of the love/hates about my new job. I love that Im feeling like a shitty crampy mess and can avoid going anywhere. But I have no reason to get out of this funk. Sure, I have to pick Lea up from daycare in a couple hours but that only requires throwing on a sweatshirt, and seeing as I show up right before nap time everything is quiet and no one gets too chatty. Perfect.
When I have a crappy shift... like last night where I kept making stupid mistake after mistake and was so off I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die (Im being dramatic... but Im in pain and on my last cupcake at this point so the whole world is fucking ending) I couldnt do the whole "I wanna go home!" Cause I am home. Here I am. Unable to escape my stupid.

In all seriousness though I do love the job. I think its interesting, I love the people I work with, Im really in love with my hours. When they first asked me if I could do a night shift I wasnt sure because I was so stuck on the 9-5 but really its perfect. I spend my days (that Im not hiding under the covers in pain) getting shit done and playing with Lea. I got all the Halloween costumes done (5 dresses), the house is always clean, and food is always ready to be on the table. I rock.

I cut Lea down to 3 half days at daycare now. Im weighing the pros and cons of pulling her out of daycare all together. My aunt and Grandma will be here next weekend until the end of Dec so I have zero worries about needing a baby sitter but I want her to have social interaction outside of my crazy family.
Actually now that Im sitting back and really thinking about it all I really want her in daycare for is social interaction. Im very structured at home, I dont need to worry about her being behind for preschool because Im a nut for learning activities and so are my aunt and Grandma. I have also noticed that when I meet moms at the playground on the weekdays they are MUCH more open to talking then Moms I meet on weekends. Im sure I could find a winter tumbling class or play group that would be so much cheaper.
Taking her out all together would be like gaining another paycheck. Cutting her down to 3 times a week saves us $400 a month. Taking her out entirely would be another $650 savings per month. Thats huge!
If I change my mind I could just put her back in. She hates waking up early anyway.
It will also save me from the awkward Christmas party moment. Awesome!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finding myself

I have been gone a long time without saying anything. I have stretched myself out. 
Im getting use to a new job where my schedule bounces around a bit. I also decided to make 2 more Halloween costumes for my little sister. 

So for the past month if I havent been working or with my daughter, I have been sewing.

I also havent wanted to blog because I dont like to think. I dont want to put out into the world my hopes, my fears, my wishes. I have someone else to think about. I need to find stability for her. 

I need to find my own happiness. I think I have it now. If I dont then its so close.

I wont lie. Im sad. Sadder than I have ever been. 

Im trying not to be. 

Things are changing. Good and bad changes. Im just focusing all my energy on what matters most.