Sunday, April 28, 2013


Friday was Maors birthday. We went to Fogo De Chao with friends. Its a fancy restaurant where they have a salad bar that you can go up to whenever you want then when you want meat you flip over a coaster and people literary keep shoving different types and cuts of meat in your face until you flip it back over. It was VERY good but also VERY pricey. We didnt buy any drinks and skipped desert because we were so full of steak and lamb and it was still over $100 for just me and Maor. We all agreed that while it was a nice experience and the meat was AWESOME it would be better to put that money towards a massive BBQ at home next time.

Saturday I really wanted to take Lea to the zoo. Lea wasnt mobile last time it was nice out but you could still tell she loved being out doors. Shes gets the biggest grin when she feels wind in her face. With this being the first nice weekend of the year I really wanted to get the most out of it. Maor asked that we wait to go to the zoo till Sunday because with the nice weather hes getting more jobs but Sunday is usually a slower day. Instead we took Lea down the street to the park. She loves the swing.

She did not like the feeling of sand on her hands. We sat her down in the dirt just to see what she would do and after putting one hand down she looked at us and cried until we picked her back up. The grass is still too wet and muddy to put her in so Im interested to see what her reaction is going to be to that.

Saturday night Maor and I did our show. We usually go for a lot longer but I suddenly felt like it was 100 degrees in the house and just felt really off. I thought it was because of the whole first time experience and its been warming up and we dont have AC but it turns out it was the start of a fever.

So no zoo today. Maor offered to take Lea without me but Im a little selfish and want to be there too when we take her for the first time. He took her back to the park instead and has fabulous juggling the cleaning, Lea, and my sicky whining.


  1. Awesome pictures of the Princess and her parents.

  2. Amazing what living in a certain part of the country means in terms of the seasons. Your trees are still barren while we had our first round of pollen back in late January. We are currently in round three of the pollen attack, but everything here is green and lush. Oh, and it's nearly 80 degrees every day. Dave is spot on - great pics of y'all and Lea.