Thursday, April 11, 2013

No snow day for me...

Last year around this time, right before I pushed out Lea, I made a little flower garden. After Lea was born most of them died within a few weeks from lack of watering. It was warm and dry here in MN.

This year its cold, wet, and THUNDERSNOWING!
Yesterday the weather man was predicting 6-12 inches of snow/sleet/rain/ overall nasty shit. One woman I work with is terrified of driving in bad weather. Rumor is her son died in a car crash and she hasnt been right about driving sense...its a good excuse. So even if there are flurries she just doesnt come in. The other admin lives 40 mins away so in bad weather that commute makes it really not worth the money or the risk. She flat out said "If its bad Im also not coming in."
I said, "As long as the daycare is open I'll come in" because I live 10 mins away. I have little to no excuse when it comes to bad weather unless the daycare closes.

So I was the only admin to come into work today. I should have called in quits trying to drive in after I almost got hit 3 times because there really were no lanes so people just drove where ever and one guy spun out in front of me then got tboned by an SUV but I kept chugging along at 15mph and made it in.
I crossed my fingers that the branch manager would just shut the place down but he didnt. He did order a pizza for me, 2 poor new guys who were stuck watching boring training videos all day, and the 2 other managers that braved the drive in. I took an hour long ice cream break (ice cream was left over from someones birthday last week). I also get to leave an hour early tomorrow because while I say I got an hour long break it wasnt really a break...the phones just didnt ring at all so I really had a working lunch/ break.

I also got bored and decided to prank my 2 sissy coworkers. We all have identical desks (those L shaped fake wood ones) so I took out their drawers and switched them around so admin 1 has admin 2's drawers and visa versa. Best part is I know the first thing they will do is scream at one of the managers who usually plays the pranks. They wont believe he didnt do it and bitch at him all day.


  1. love the're FUN!

  2. Evil Immora...but, then, thats what we love about her...she is adorable...and devious. Enjoy this weekend, if you can.