Saturday, April 6, 2013

Game of Thrones show!!

Tomorrow night after the new episode of Game of Thrones I will be doing a sort of after party show on Camwhores 

More wine, more blood, cause thats not allowed.... and of course it will be in costume and on my new HD cam that was given to me by a very special friend.

Short notice but I hope everyone can make it anyway.

Also, oh look... another pic set with this shows outfit.
$20 = 13 photos

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  1. Most amazing !!!!!

    I love these pictures Immora. So very pretty.


  2. This girl has been underrated until the last year or so. Even through pregnancy she managed to stay in the top 5 and battle Sapphire for the top spot each week. She's got a killer body, pure skin and a kick ass attitude. Kudos!

  3. gorgeous, and hey now, it's not a battle, we like to share the top spot ;)