Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grandma rubs it in

Grandma and Grandpa came up this weekend. They brought Gigis cupcakes for Leas birthday to make up for my brick of a healthy cake. If you havent had Gigis cupcakes I highly recommend trying them. They are expensive, hard to come by, and you have to get in early to get the cupcakes you want because they only make a certain amount per day so when they are gone they are gone. They bought a dozen and we cut most of them into halves or quarters and tried a little of each. They brought Cola, Italian Creme, Kentucky Bourbon  Candy Crunch, Champagne, Strawberry Short cake, and Birthday Surprise (That was Leas...but we help her eat it because Im a kill joy and was worried she would get a tummy ache)

Lea was much more receptive to the cupcakes. She didnt squish it around and she actually didnt need to be hosed down after but she happily ate a pretty big chunk of it. About a half hour after eating the cupcake she starting side crawling from one end of the room to the other giggling like a crazy baby. It was hilarious.
My parents actually ended up leaving the leftover cupcakes here. There are about 4. I said I was going to take them into work because they are RICH and Im sugared out but Maor insisted he could eat them all tonight. He got through one and a half and looks done.... so I have 2 and a half to bring to work tomorrow.

Grandma and Grandpa got Lea a little peoples Noahs ark set. Her aunt and uncle got the additional animals...because if you dont buy the extra animals you would be condemning them to little people biblical death. They took them all out of the box and lined them up for her...then played with them while Lea ignored them and played with the kitchen set I bought her (she "made tea" for Grandpa). While birthday shopping I considered buying her the Batman and/or Wonder woman set but shes still a bit too young to play play with them. I think in another 2 months she will be into them but right now the little animals to make great teething toys.

They left around lunch time today so Lea and I played for the rest of the day. Its been nasty out side all day with hail and rain so we stayed put and watched Disney movies and read books.

Next weekend I really need to stop being lazy and clean the house. We did the little touch ups before my parents showed up but when I was picking up one of Leas shoes that she had pitched off the changing table I noticed the dust bunnies are making babies under the crib. I dont even want to think of how busy they have been under my bed and behind the couch.


  1. Didn't you do a "cooking" show before? Maybe you can do a "housecleaning" show - vacuuming, putting away laundry, washing dishes, all while getting paid for it. Just a silly random thought!

  2. So domesticated! I love it.

  3. Do I have time to order a little French Maid outfit to clean in?