Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lea has a fever...

and the prescription was not more cowbell.

Actually, shes over the fever now but all of Tue night and most of Wed she was a sick mess. She got 3 shots Tue morning and even though the doctors office swears up and down that its not what gave her the fever I think it was part of it. The other part would be her teeth. She always gets a low fever when her teeth are about to cut through but this was 103 for an extended period of time.  Shes all better now. Shes still not eating much because it hurts but we are making up for it with apple sauce and formula.

Today as Im sure everyone knows, we had...and still have...a snow storm. Its a little ridiculous. While I was shoveling I noticed 2 plants tried to bloom by the walk way. The poor stupid bastards. Hopefully they live. I think they might be tulips.
Im crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow even though Ive only worked 3 days this week it still feels stupidly long. I got almost all the housework I wanted done out of the way yesterday so I really dont have anything to do on a day off. I was thinking of trying to make baklava. Maor thinks this is a bad idea and insists its super hard to do, his mother hasnt even made a successful baklava. I feel I must try now because if I succeed that means he has to name me a better cook than his mother... which may not win me brownie points with her but will make me happy for reasons I cant totally understand.


  1. So...should I paypal so you can go buy some cute new tiny things for your show tomorrow (Sat)???

  2. Ahhh, the mysteries of the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law dynamic. They are difficult to understand or to even verbalize. In a whisper, **I bet you're hotter than her too!**

    Have a nice weekend.