Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kinda ranty

Maor and I have been doing a lot of shows recently. So you can imagine that with all the shows and our regular sex life, we are having a lot of sex. Tons of it really. Possibly too much sex but Im not a doctor so I couldnt say that for sure.
So when I was late I freaked out a little. Maor suddenly had dreams of a little boy named Moshi and told Lea she might get a little brother like it was a good thing and I freaked out even more.
I did finally start my period again today. 2 weeks late. I have no idea why because nothing in my life has changed except the 1 to 3 more doses of sex in a week. Maor is disappointed and Im overly aggressive and hurty.

So on the day where Im most aggressive a woman at work was reading an article about the Boston bombers wife and suddenly said, "Why doesnt she stop wearing that scarf thing now?"
I said, "Because its part of her religion."
She says, "Yeah but her husbands dead now so she can stop."
*me goes snap*
I ripped her a new one about how even though it is possible she only converted for him its more likely she actually BELIEVES in the religion and wishes to keep practicing the religion. Sane people dont just change religions all willy nilly. When a coworker pointed out that I converted for Maor I said "Yeah but I wouldnt have done it if I didnt stand behind its moral values and overall teachings. If Maor goes on a killing spree Im not going to stop being Jewish because he turned out to be a psycho. Just because there was one bad egg and she happened to be married to it doesnt mean all the eggs are bad and we need to throw them out the god damn window. "
This woman shrugged and said, "Oh her parents will make her stop"

What the fuck is wrong with people?


  1. The co-worker has a limited view while yours is very open. I think she's lived a sheltered, vanilla, buttoned up life and it comes out in her opinions. She needs to either experience more things or learn that her views are limited by her dearth of experience and because of those limits she ought to shut the fuck up.


  2. Good for you angel. The neat thing about a religion is that it is supposed to be infused in to your life. In our AMERICAN eyes these two brothers went on a killing spree...in their eyes, they were doing the will of Allah. I would love to hear Israel's neighboring countries when King David began slaughtering entire cities because Jehovah told him to.

    Sometimes our earthy minds can't grasp the larger picture. It doesn't make sense...a lot of things don't when viewed from a single human perspective.