Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Unexpected gifts

Last weekend was very relaxed which was fantastic. I've been wanting to do nothing for a very long time.. so I did nothing.
Well, thats not true. I cleaned a little, took Lea toy shopping for her birthday (we got her 3 new books, 3 Disney movies, a xylophone, a play kitchen, and this very ugly blue stuffed dog pillow thing that she saw and went NUTS for she snuggled with it while we went through the whole store.) then we went to the pool, and I played Dishonored. So I guess I didnt do nothing.

Things are starting to pick up at work. Its nice that the days go by faster but it makes my schedule flexibility a little less so. I always have to be in from 8 to 5 but if I ever want to take my lunch a little early or walk away from my computer to take a phone call or leave early/come in late because of whatever reason its no big deal during the winter. Monday I got a call from the daycare that Lea had a temp of 101.8 and I needed to take her home. I left right away and dropped her off with Maor at home then went back to work. I told them that if she was still sick I would be out the next day. No one cared except another admin who suddenly was terrified that if I didnt come in a certain letter that I type up wouldnt make it out as fast as usual and wanted me to consider only doing a half day. I have no idea why she cared so much about the letter getting out (because before I was there it would take 3 days longer) but in the mass panic of phones ringing and month end paperwork flying thats what she chose to freak out about.
I didnt miss the next day. Lea is teething so the temp was probably from that. She was right as rain after some baby pain meds. Shes been a little snot most of the week but I can feel those teeth trying to rip through so Im not going to take it personally.

This week has been a big week for the UPS guy here... last week was also because of all those sexy outfits I got (that Im selling pic sets the next post down). This week he delivered a new cam, tripod for the cam......and a fast food restaurants plastic booster seat. They are not from the same person. The cam and tripod is from an old friend and has horribly fantastic quality. I say horribly because its almost impossible to disguise blemishes and baggy eyes with bad lighting like we cam girls like to do.
Stupidly fantastic quality! I'll have to clean my house more if I use this to skype because my mother in law will be able to see every speck of dust on the floor. :) and o_O

The booster seat came from my aunt, who informed me that it came from a tag sale after a lady with grand kids died. Thank you auntie for thinking of me. If I ever open a restaurant I will have seating for one toddler. This comes from the same aunt that gave me the pole out of someones hip when I was 15 so while Maor was a little surprised I was not. She means well but doesnt quiet hit the mark with most gifts. At least it wasnt another "jew dress".


  1. The cam we can get some amazing LED lights that you can control the color of remotely...MOOD lighting...ehh?


  2. The new cam shows how flawless your skin really is. I wonder if Lea will get maor's skin color with your skin clarity. Best of both worlds!