Saturday, June 29, 2013

To the zoo!!

Last night Lea couldnt sleep. She just fussed. I thought it might be her teeth so I gave in and gave her some baby pain stuff. When she was up crying again 2 hours later I though she might be too hot so I stripped her down to her onsie. When she was up AGAIN an hour later we pulled her into bed with us and let her sleep with us for a while. We snuck her back into her crib somewhere around 4 am and she didnt wake up after that. She even slept in till almost 10am which is AMAZING. I couldnt believe it. She must be going through a growth spurt cause shes also started eating like shes starving all the time.

We got up and I made us all eggs for breakfast. Lea wanted to go play outside (she points at her shoes then waves byebye to tell us she was to get out of the house) but it rained last night so I knew the playground next door was still soaked. So I decided to take Lea to the zoo instead. St Paul has a pretty decent free zoo (they suggest a $2 dollar donation per person which in the few times we have been there I always follow but I see many people walk by who dont, which makes me sad) so I packed a lunch and off we went.

Its amazing how fast Lea is growing. Walking around the zoo it was pretty easy to tell which animals were her favorites and how intently she watches what they are doing. We spent the most time at the zebras, the giraffes, the buffalo, the seals and the penguins. She likes the little monkeys but the gorillas scare her. She wouldnt even go near a statue of them.
On our way out we passed by the old carousel. It wasnt really on our way back to the car but I decided to detour just to see if Lea would be interested. She REALLY was so I bought us a couple tickets. She was the main entertainment for everyone standing in line. She was dancing to the music and pointing at the horses and chattering to anyone who would look at her (which was everyone). When I set her on her own horse she was the happiest little thing. When it started moving.....she got quiet.... at first she giggles and smiled like she didnt know what to think about it...then she wanted off. So I took her down and stood there with her snuggling into me like she does when shes upset until the ride stopped.
I dont think it scared her. I think she got dizzy.

Driving away I noticed a water area hidden in the back of a park. Today was only 75ish out and cloudy off and on so I didnt pull back over but I'll have to remember Leas swim suit and special swim diapers next time.

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  1. This is one little amazing lady. She is going to break some hearts.