Sunday, June 9, 2013

BBQ and rain...

The weather here is still crappy. Yesterday we said screw it and braved having some friends over for a BBQ even though it was threatening rain. We did make it through to just after eating before it started raining. At our BBQ were the 2 very undisciplined kids of Maors co-worker. I cant stand their mom as a parent. Im pretty sure I have mentioned a few times where we have been out with them and I have pretended to just not know them at all because people were staring.
The kids were actually being pretty good but they didnt want to eat any real food so after a can of soda each (they are 3 and 5), 2 ice creams, wafer cookies, and half a banana each they were getting a little rowdy.
Lea is very social she loves to yell "HI!!" to everyone in public. Shes pretty ok with being held by other people as long as she gets a minute to look you over first. So I was very surprised that after having some BBQ, interacting with all the adults, she played with the other kids until they got to loud and in her face then she made it VERY clear she was done interacting by walking me up to the front door, waving goodbye to everyone, then making me pick her up and take her in to where it was quiet. I really expected she was going to be a last one out of the party type of kid but she was very content to sit alone in the house with me eating a banana and reading stories.

Today it also rained so I spent the morning cleaning the muddy foot prints of my floor from people coming in and out the night before. In the afternoon we went to the play place at the mall. During bed time Lea figured out that she can demand more than one bedtime story. She points at her bookcase, babbles with the vocal influx of a question, and flops back into snuggled in my lap with her blankie position...until I say no...which was after the 4th book... then she whimpered at me like I had killed a kitten.

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  1. People learn to manipulate at a young age. Lea knows how to get what she wants whether it be tranquility or another story. The pattern will be the same for the rest of her life, but she will move on to video games, a certain backpack, a special bicycle then on to clothes and cars. Get ready - it will all happen in the blink of an eye. Enjoy the ride - you only have one ticket.