Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sailor Mars strikes again!!

The girls on camwhores have been thinking up ways to make things more interesting for everyone.
I mean really...who wants to just check out naked chicks all day?

So the summer theme week was born.

To start 6/16 through 6/22 is costume week!

Im fairly certain Im going to be at my parents house next weekend so I figured I would kick it off early with a Sailor Mars themed show!

For those of you that arent familiar with the character, Sailor Mars is from the manga/anime Sailor Moon a story about a band of reborn defenders of the solar system. It was the first anime I ever watched at the tender age of 13 and Im pretty sure the short skirts and fighting scenes where everyone sounds like they are having an orgasm have shaped me into the woman I am today.

For those of you that are familiar...please picture the 15 minutes it took me to get into this costume as this:

As everyone knows my shows are exclusive to Camwhores and you need to be a member to see my (usually) weekly shows LIVE. You can also see tons of other awesome sexy women. If you like me, you will like them!

*Yes, this is a plug for camwhores instead of a normal blog post but it is a site I love and will always call home on the internet. There is no shame in bragging about your home*

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  1. You are so much fun! In all truthfulness I like you better with some hair on your head. It must be a pain in the ass, but personally I like it.