Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Today was the perfect day.

We packed up a large cooler with sandwiches, drinks, snacks, and fruits and went to the lake.

Maor and I have only been to the lake once a couple years ago when we first moved to MN and we aimlessly wondering around. We ended up on Lake Harriet right around sundown and caught the tail end of a free concert. They have boats to rent and little beaches to sit on so we said we would go back... and never did.

So we forgot where parking was. I was worried that even though it was only 11am we wouldnt be able to find parking cause its the 4th of July. So we parked in the first spot we saw on the road next to the bike and walking paths and started walking to find a beach. After a 5 minutes of walking I left Maor to keep walking and ran back to the car to keep driving and find closer parking.

Lea loved the lake... as long as we didnt put her in it. She was very content to sit on the blanket and watch people or toss her ball around. There was a good 10 minutes where we sat her in the water and she was ok. I got a couple pictures before she decided it wasnt ok again and demanded to go back to the blanket.

Maor is burnt...badly. I told him he should put on sun screen but he didnt want it.
I forgot to put lotion on the top of my feet and they burnt and hurt like a bitch so I cant imagine how his back and arms feel.
Lea is fine. You can see little tan lines from her swim suit but she isnt red.

We will not be watching fire works. Bed time is 8pm at the latest and I think shes still a bit too small for them. If we could see them from the house then I would try to keep her up. 
I really miss my old apartment in WI for that reason. You could always see the fireworks perfectly from my balcony so I never had to worry about parking, finding a spot, or mosquitoes.


  1. Funny, we didn't see any pictures of mommy in her bikini...hmmm? I am glad the Levi family got out and enjoy nature.


  2. Thats because I was the one taking pictures. I also didnt wear my bikini because Im actually not a huge fan of lakes (friends with a cop who LOVES to tell me about all the bodies they fish out of lakes) so I didnt think I would want to go in at all. It was damn hot and I was regretting my decision through most of the trip.