Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Its my birthday and my mother in law left today! YAY!, thats mean.. I actually had a very nice visit with Maors mom. We only butted heads on things like the temperature of the house (She thinks 70 is freezing) and if cuscus is better made on the stove or in the microwave (because you get that authentic Mediterranean taste in the microwave) I will miss her. Shes a very lovely woman. She got along very well with my mother. To my surprise there wasnt much confusion due to the language barrier. Either my parents got use to Maors accent or there is some kind of Grandma mind reading thing. I won some brownie points by giving Maors mom Maors Ipad. He kicked and screamed like a little boy but he seriously doesnt need it....she doesnt either but she wanted it and its WAY more expensive in Israel so I told her to take it. His laptop is dying but I figured if it breaks we could share or wait till black Friday and buy him a new one on sale. Halloween with Maors mom was cute. We didnt dress Lea up because we decided shes just too little to go out and we ended up not going to that family party (no one felt like it). We had a few cute kids that Maors mom asked if she could take pictures of while Maor handed them candy. I had one boy that dressed as the catalog paper boy and I honestly couldnt tell if he was working or just had a good costume idea because he gave me a paper to keep. I gave him a ton of candy anyway. One down side, at 9pm we had a kid knock on the door (after our lights were out) and I opened the door to a 12 yr old kid not in costume, talking on his cell phone. I told him to get the hell off my porch. So this morning Maors mom had to leave. We all woke up early. Grandma got Lea out of bed... and took her to the airport. It was a sad goodbye. I was a little late for work but people understood. Also its my birthday so they totally spoiled me and my coworker who has the same birthday...and her name is ridiculously close to my real name. A friend of my coworkers brought in flowers and donuts for her so she shared. The managers bought us lunch. When we thought we were all stuffed and couldnt eat for a week another co worker came in with ice cream cake. I could work at this place forever purely because they feed me. Im stupidly easy to please. When I got home Maor made me a cosmo and gave me some sexy undies. I knew he got them for me weeks ago but this is the first time hes ever held back and given me a birthday present ON my birthday. He cant keep surprises in and will hand you unwrapped gifts as soon as he sees you because hes so damn excited. I saw the bag in his truck but told him he better be good this time and wait until my birthday to give them to me. Im very happy that he did. Now if someone would just make me a pizza this would be the best birthday ever!! Also, Im sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring emails... I will finally be able to catch up with everything this weekend.


  1. You gave us the disclaimer saying that you'd be busy for a while so I hope no one seriously has a problem with you not posting, returning emails, etc. Glad y'all had a nice visit. Family is important.


  2. Happy BIRTHDAY...fix your Chip-In and I will buy you guys dinner.