Thursday, November 29, 2012

Someone hates me.

Yesterday I got up, dropped Lea off at daycare...and went back home to bed.
I was dying. Well, not really dying. Just in a very dramatic sick place where it felt like death.

I slept all day. It was glorious. Then I went to pick up Lea, fed her, played with her, put her to bed, and went back to bed!!

It would have been the perfect sick day... if someone up there didnt hate my guts.

Lea is still teething and it seems like its getting more painful by the day. I gave her baby Tylenol before she went to sleep but you can tell it pretty much wore off by 1am because she woke up screaming. I gave her a little more medicine and spent an hour trying to get her to stop fussing and go to sleep. When she did fall asleep I couldnt put her down. Anytime I went to set her down she woke up and the fussing started all over again. So after another hour of rocking and finally finding a position with her on top of me that was comfortable I was right on the edge of sleep...when the fire alarm beeped.
No fire, just that stupid beep it does when its about to die. The beep that is long enough in between beeps that lets you think maybe it was your imagination or it will just stop when, beep!
So I put down Lea, pulled the batteries out of the hallway fire alarm and spent another half hour trying to calm Lea down because she woke up as soon as her butt hit her bed.

I think I fell asleep again around 3. I got a good hour of sleep in before Lea woke up crying again and we started the whole process over again.

At 6:30 I HAD to put her down so I could take a shower. She stayed asleep by some miracle.
I stood in the shower for a while thinking about how the night sucked but a hot shower would make everything better and at least I wasnt feeling nearly as nasty. I just started to relax when, BEEP!

Amazingly Lea was not woken by my scream of anguish.

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  1. Having been where you are with little ones, I cringed at your tale of pains. Will be glad to watch you on CW...You totally are amazing Immora. !