Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And endure we shall...

Remember how I said that Maor got pulled over twice in 2 weeks for not having insurance and I yelled at him... a lot?
Well it turns out in MN they revoke your license for driving without insurance.

So we found out today that Maor will lose his license for 90 days which means he cant make money because most of his job as a locksmith is driving from one place to another.

But we are not the type of couple that calls the Waaaaammbulance. We get on that shit and figure out what to do. So Maor got on the phone a got himself a job working for a Vegas.
Yes, the Mall of America is right next door but they said they would give us an answer on if they have openings in a week and a half. Vegas said they have openings now....and honestly Vegas will probably make way more money.

Monday Maor will go to Vegas. Im not happy about the distance but on the up side, hes staying with his cousin who LOVES to work out, so he will probably come back with abs.

Im grasping at happy straws here.


  1. Sounds like you two have a plan...and that's great. Is there anything we can do to help?

  2. ugh...what a turn of events. Keep plugging away.

  3. We just have to keep working hard be strong as a couple for each other and Lea.
    We are going to be doing a show tomorrow night on Camwhores. Having fun with us is always supportive!