Monday, November 19, 2012

Not cool

I woke up this morning and went to get my lunch together. I was greeted by a totally warm fridge. It must have been broken all of yesterday without my noticing because the freezer was completely thawed out. I had to toss out a lot of frozen meat.

So I called the landlord and had to verbally step on his neck to get him to come out and have someone look at it. He actually said "well, if they cant fix it for cheap then it might be a week before I can get a new fridge out there."
I told him, "Look, you've got an empty apartment next door with a working fridge. I dont care if you have to switch them around but Im not storing food in a cooler for a week because you wont pay for same day delivery on a new fridge!"

It was fixed by the time I got home but I had to sit though a 10 minute speech about how expensive it was and how I was put at the top of his list over someone with a broken cloths dryer.

I cant wait for our lease to be up. We are NOT staying here another year.


  1. I wonder how much clothing those people had to throw out because their dryer was broken?

  2. Great point Echo! There is no comparison between a broken dryer and a broken refrigerator.