Friday, October 19, 2012


Monday I took half a day off from work to pick my mother in law up from the airport. I had planned on leaving at noon to pick her up from her flight landing at 12:30. (This is how awesome my workplace is) Even though everyone in their right mind knows a person getting off an international flight takes at least a half hour to get through customs, after I mentioned Maor freaking out that I might be late because I had to pick up Lea before going to the airport, they pushed me out the door at 11am to make sure that we were all there well before the plane even landed.
We got to the airport at noon and waited around the airport for an hour and a half in front of the international area for Maors mom to get off the plane. As luck would have it Lea fell asleep in my arms 10 minutes before Maors mom walked through the door. When she came out she stood in front of me and started trying to chit chat about being excited to be here while eyeing Lea sleeping on my chest so I took her purse out of her hand and shoved Lea into her arms. Lea may not have been happy about being woken up but Grandma almost cried in baggage claim when she hugged Lea for the first time ever.

We havent done anything too exciting yet. Grandma met Great Grandma and Great Aunt.
Shes done a lot of shopping.... and we have plans to go shopping again tomorrow (I have been working my normal hours so I havent been on the shopping trips yet. Maor has insisted that I get all final say in anything bought for Lea)
So far it has been a very nice visit. Grandma has volunteered to watch Lea so Maor and I can have a night out... coincidentally on Sunday which is the start of Restaurant Week in the Twin Cities *score!*
We have been invited to a proper Halloween party, which will be awesome for Grandma considering shes never experienced a Halloween. I need to make up a costume for Lea. The crowd isnt geeky so the Moogle costume is out till next year. Im thinking of making her Gizmo.

I have decided I want a new tattoo for my birthday. I want Leas name in Hebrew with a little firefly somewhere around it, because I call her my bug. Im not sure where I want it yet but the design idea popped into my head earlier today. I just need to find a good artist in the area.

Next weekend my parents are coming up. I honestly cant wait to see how they try to talk with Maors mom.


  1. Please sling a boob on CW while Maor's mom is in town. That would be epic!

  2. So how's the family marathon going? Still have visitors?