Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I would like to think that people think I handle stress really well.
Im fantastic at multitasking, Im very good at separating work and home life, and Im usually pretty calm under pressure. This is why I use to be a fantastic manager. I can usually keep everyone else calm in freak out situations.

My secret is I dont think about it. I dont think "holy shit, thats a problem!" I just deal with it.

2 years ago Maor and I went through a very stressful move and I started puking and dry heaving without warning constantly. We were both pretty worried that there was something seriously wrong with me because I would be fine then have to suddenly run to the bathroom. We thought I was pregnant for about a month before I went back to normal.
Maor only connected the dots after I started getting sick again a couple days ago. Apparently I have a puky reaction to stress. Hes a little worried because obviously, Im going to be here alone taking care of Lea with no support, and he doesnt want anything to happen to me. Which is cute. I'll be fine as soon as I get use to the idea of being alone again.

Work is being pretty supportive. I think they think Im a heartless bitch but they are still supportive. Someone at work asked me if I wanted Maor to go and the only thing I said was, "Its what has to be done." Im not about to get all emotional in the office. Hes my husband, I love him, hes sacrificing a lot to make sure that Lea and I are taken care of and nothing will bring back the 1 to 3 months hes going to miss of Lea growing up which kills me. Hes a great husband and dad, no one can dispute that.

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  1. What a refreshingly unemotional stance.
    You are both to be congratulated. My selfish pussy ass would never make that sacrifice. Well done. Hang in there.