Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ive got blisters on me fingers!!

I went into a cleaning frenzy today. I think I did it because Im still not use to being alone again. I have to be doing SOMETHING always. With Maor I could sit back and watch a show and relax. Now Im back to constant multi tasking.

I cleaned the bathroom and got the tub all prepared for Lea. Shes growing out of her baby bath so its time to introduce her to the big tub. There are rubber duckies EVERYWHERE because I actually collect rubber ducks. So far her favorite is the one that has googles and swimmies but I havent introduced her to all of the duckies yet.

I got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor. When we first moved in I mopped the floor 4 times but still felt like I was pushing around layers of ground in dirt so I finally got down with a scrub brush and a bucket and Cinderellaed that shit.Then I mopped it 3 times. Its a HUGE difference. It really had to be done because Lea likes to follow me around and while I dont want her playing in the kitchen while Im cooking it will be nice to open up the Tupperware drawer and let her go nuts while Im doing the dishes.

Then I took Lea out and parked her in her stroller in the front yard and picked up all the leaves. Im about half way done. Im a little irritated because Im pretty sure the landlord pushed all the leaves from the other side of the duplex into the pile on our side after our neighbor moved out. There were definitely 2 very distinct piles and one was right on the split. I need to go out and finish tomorrow and do a little detail work.
Im pretty sure the guy 2 doors down thinks Im a nut case. While I was filling the bags I was chattering away about anything that jumped into my head because Lea is pretty cool with hanging out as long as you talk to her. I also put the bags over my head and played peekaboo with her. The neighbor saw and gave me the weirdest looks and it just dawned on me that I had Lea parked next to a tree in our yard so he probably didnt see the stroller at all.

Im exhausted.

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