Saturday, December 28, 2013


I love my job but after working a week alone with the twit of the office I started to say "Thank god Im going on vacation."
I cant stand that woman. 3 months in to the job and she still acts like its week 3. I actually got to the point around 4pm on Friday where I told myself if I heard her sigh one more time like our job was the hardest job on the planet I would throw whatever was in my hand at the time at her head because 1) We are in our dead period.....there is NOTHING to do. 2) Even in the summer I cant believe how much they are paying me to do what I do because its so god damn easy but I come from a retail background where you are expected to shit diamonds and get paid in the peanuts that clustered around that shit.
Luckily the phone didnt ring again and I was too involved in my Hay Day game to throw my phone at her while she sighed over a mundane task she cant complete in the time that a competent person can. 

5pm rolled around an Im officially on vacation! Oh god! I have to clean the house, I have to do the laundry, I have to pack, I have my Grandma AND Aunt staying with us till we leave so I need to be entertaining and attend family parties I would otherwise ignore.... yay vacation!

Im trying to be calm. Im self medicating with booze. Always after Lea goes to bed of course...until then Im a silent ball of stress. 
I dont want to pack while my Grandma is around because she will have her opinions on what I pack and how to pack it and I also dont want Lea around because she will think its a game and unpack whatever I packed.
All I was really stressing about Friday before I came home was packing... and I had a plan...

then I got home.

My Grandma had cooked EVERYTHING in my house so we can eat it before it goes bad...even though half of what she cooked is canned and/or wont go bad till a few weeks after we come home so now shes nagging us to eat constantly so things wont go to waste. A lot of food is going to go to waste. Which is why when she handed me $40 for spending money I took it and thought "we are about even" while my aunt yelled in the background "how come when I offered you money for Israel you wouldnt take it!?"

My aunt and I wanted to go to Wolf of Wall St but we couldnt go till after Lea went to bed because this is my aunts last weekend with Lea and if she misses a second of it she will be devastated. Its a 3 hour movie. It was a good movie... ridiculously obscene. It would have been a great movie if they did some editing because 3 hours was too much. So we got home way past my bed time and ended up waking up my Grandma who then decided that midnight was a great time to start cleaning my house. So I stayed up with her for a bit because I felt rude going to bed while she was doing my dishes and scrubbing my baseboards while telling stories about when she was my age. 

Today did laundry and entertained. A cousin called and said they were dropping by to say "hi" and drop off a present for Lea. She gave Lea a beautiful jewelry/music box that plays Hatikvah. Maor and I were both floored. Its beautiful! My cousin kept passing it off like it was something she just had and didnt know who to give it to which I know is bull because my Catholic pork eating family wouldnt just pick up a jewelry box with a gold David star on it that plays the Israeli national anthem unless there was a reason. We love it! The more we said we loved it the more she acted like it was nothing. Thats my family.
Later we went to a late family Christmas party. It was fun. We left early because Lea was overly moody. She knows something is up and has been off for the last couple of days. 

Tomorrow my aunt has agreed to take Lea and Gramzy out of the house for a few hours so we can pack without being bothered. 

Monday I will surely be crawling out of my skin waiting to get on the plane.

Did I mention we got a package? I didnt.
We did.
The timing is horrible. A fetish of mine arrives at my door and I cant do anything about it because I have a house full of family till we leave.

If we have time after packing tomorrow I might post pictures of it.

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