Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Standing by..

Well I feel kind of boring not having anything to update about but... there isnt much to update about.

At work Im still dealing with a complete muppet of a new hire. Well, shes been around for 3 months but acts like shes been there for 2 weeks. The woman drives me to drink heavily. I worked a Saturday a few weeks ago to replace some hours I dont have vacation time for this month and one tech asked me "Is she going to get any better?" I said, "Nope, probably not."

Home life is Lea and Maor. Lea has become obsessed with Elmo.
Maor is about to jump out of his skin hes so excited to go home.

We are STILL trying to find a place to ourselves in Israel. Its hard to book things there because their 4 star hotels are not the same as our 4 start hotels. Their 4 is our 3 or 2.
"The staff didnt tell me to fuck off when I complained that my room wasnt ready 2 hours after I was supposed to check in. 4 stars!"

No plans...just waiting..

and re-watching Doctor Who.

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  1. Speaking for all of your fans we too are standing by. I hope you guys have a great Christmas and a wonderful trip to Israel. Enjoy!

    Ritchie (